How To Create A YouTube Channel

Are you interested in having your own YouTube Channel? Then how about you create one? Want to know how? Then I implore you to read this article for easy steps on how to create a YouTube Channel. Then join millions of other users from all over the world to show the world your talent and more you would like to share on the video-sharing platform (YouTube).

How To Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most used video-sharing platforms in the world today with over 82% of all online traffics and over two billion active users. This then makes YouTube the perfect place for your video sharing. However, you can also leverage YouTube for your own business. Besides, video is a pivotal channel for marketers.

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel is a feature on the platform which allows users to upload videos, view videos uploaded by other users who own a channel, and more. There is also a section where comments can be made on the posts made by the user. With this channel, users can manage their YouTube account settings and also use YouTube as a means of socializing.

Managing a YouTube Channel

Users can upload and manage videos on their YouTube channel with the creator studio. The creative studio is on the top right side of the user’s channel account. Another way in which users can put videos on their channel is by clicking on the favorite button when watching or viewing a video on the platform. When the user does this the video will be added to their channel in the favorite category.

Users can also subscribe to the channel that owns the videos they like. When this is done a picture of the channel’s video will be placed on your channel in the subscription category. The videos category in a user’s channel will be occupied if the user uploads a video. Once the user starts filling up their channels, they will begin to get subscribers and comments on their posts.

How to Create A YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is very easy and hassle-free. All you just need to do is ensure you already have a YouTube Account. Then you can browse through the video-sharing platform for the YouTube Channel Section to create one. Here are simple steps you can follow below to create a channel;

  • Visit the website on your device web browser.
  • Click the sign in button on the top right side on the homepage.
  • Enter the username for your Gmail account.
  • Tap the next button to proceed.
  • Enter your Gmail account password.
  • Tap the next button.
  • Click on your picture icon on the top right side on your Youtube account homepage.
  • Enter the settings option.
  • Click on create a channel button.
  • Select the type of channel you want to create. There are three options available, users can choose to create a personal, business and other channels.
  • Choose the category your channel will belong to.
  • Click the small box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click the done button.

With these followed accordingly, you have successfully created a YouTube channel. So, with an account, you can now manage videos and upload as much as you want on your account.

Is Creating A Channel Free?

Aside from the fact that creating a youtube channel is very easy. You can also create one and as many as you want to manage for free. YouTube doesn’t require you to pay before you can own a channel of your own on its platform and even share videos and content with millions of its other users. So, if you want to create one, you should, as it is totally free.

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