Cleaning Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are searching for a cleaning job in USA with visa sponsorship. Where you will be earning a wage income of $10.10 to $22.18. An Average monthly salary $1,600 to $3,667 which a yearly salary $23,591 to $51,786. These figures are based on recent research of various job markets in this field.

However, for cleaners in the United States, your level of experience determines the weight of your salary earnings. According to recent data, cleaners with 1 to 4 years of experience can earn an average salary of $27000 to $32000 annually. Cleaners with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn within the range of $35,000 and beyond a year or annually.

Here are some other Jobs you might also be interested in;

There are also some cities pay well to cleaners in the USA with visa sponsorship. Making it satisfying for those who want to increase their earnings.

Top Companies for House Cleaners in the United States

Aloha Maids $25.92
Local Gals Housekeeping $21.04
Clean Day Housekeeping Service $17.81
Rain City Maids, LLC $24.24
eMaids $17.25
Landing $20.97
CottageCare $18.93
SpeedyCleans LLC $19.41
Southern Maids $18.18

Top Highest Paying Cities for Cleaner Jobs

Juneau $17.39 $695 $3,014 $36,174
Auburn $17.46 $698 $3,026 $36,318
Gilroy $17.48 $699 $3,030 $36,362
Milton $17.59 $703 $3,048 $36,584
Wausau $17.59 $703 $3,048 $36,587
Boston $17.63 $705 $3,055 $36,667
Daly City $17.85 $713 $3,093 $37,126
Santa Monica $18.11 $724 $3,139 $37,676
Renton $18.25 $730 $3,163 $37,963
Berkeley $18.86 $754 $3,269 $39,231

The Highest-Paying Cities for Cleaners with Visa Sponsorship in America

As a cleaner, looking for higher earnings. It is suitable to look out for cleaning jobs in the various cities. In which I will be listing below. These cities provides a higher income for cleaners who are in search of a comfortable standard of living.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, Can is one of the top cities in the United States of America to offer a high paying income for cleaners with visa sponsorship. With a cost of living index of 269, the average hourly range is approximately  $18.50 for cleaners in san Francisco, CA, which income is higher than the average national wage.

Various companies in San Francisco also give visa sponsorships to qualified foreign individuals. This city in the USA is a good opportunity to work as a cleaner

New York, NY

This is one of the peak cities in the USA for cleaners who are in search of high-paying jobs using sponsored visa. The approximate hourly wage is $16.50, which is as well greater than the country’s minimum wage. This is a better option for a foreign cleaner to work in the United States of America.

Boston, MA

Another great option for cleaners who wants to work in the USA with visa sponsorship and as well as cleaners who are looking for higher earnings should apply for job in Boston, MA. The cost of living index is 162. The average wage per hour is $15.50 for cleaners in Boston which is greater than the country’s average income.

Various cleaning companies in Boston offers visa sponsorship to qualified individuals, This serves as a good option to foreign individuals seeking for cleaning jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship.

Washington, DC

A cleaner in Washington DC earns an average wage income of $16.8 per hour. That is higher than the national average wage. Furthermore, if you are looking for high-earning job opportunities. Look out for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship jobs in Washington DC. So as to live a comfortable average life.

With a high demand in cleaning services in museums, parties, organizations government buildings and other institutions. Cleaners in DC find many job vacancies and earn a good amount of income. Although, the cost of living in DC is high, so you have to part in expenses when relocating to DC.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA average wage income for cleaners is approximately $17.50, which is greater than the country’s average wage. With a cost of living index of 172, is a great option for cleaners search for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in Seattle.

Various cleaning companies in Seattle gives sponsored visa to individuals who are qualified, making it a sincere and great option for candidates to search for cleaning jobs in Seattle WA.

Los Angeles, CA

It is a top city in the United States of America. For cleaners in search for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship, should look out for jobs in Los Angeles. Because the approximate average wage income is $14.50 per hour, which is greater than then the national average wage.

Various cleaning companies in Los Angeles Also gives visa sponsorships to qualified individuals who has meet the requirement.


The average hourly wage for cleaner in Florida is $12.25 per hour.  Which is higher than the country wagely income. Furthermore, Florida is a nice option for cleaners who are in search of cleaner jobs in USA with visa sponsorship comparing the average national wage income and wants to earn a higher income.

If you are qualified or meets the requirement, many companies in Florida offers you visa sponsorship. Cities like Orlando, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Florida is a great city to build your career as a cleaner because of its lively tourism industry and warm climate.


Is one of the top cities in America for a cleaner that is in search for city that pays cleaners a high wage income per hour.  California pays about $14.77 per hour which is greater than the national average wage income.

California City offers visa sponsorships to qualified candidates and as well in terms of paying cleaners high income.


Illinois is one the great city for cleaners to earn high-paying jobs with visa sponsorship. The approximate wage per hour in Illinois is $13.08 which is greater than the country’s average wage.

Various cleaning companies in Illinois gives visa sponsorship to eligible candidates. Cities such as Springfield and Chicago. Illinois is a bubbling city with a diverse economy which makes it suitable for cleaners to advance their career.

Note: the above cities are suitable for cleaners who are looking for high-paying jobs with visa sponsorships in the United States of America.

Cleaning Job in USA

7 of the Best USA Cleaning Jobs to Apply for with Visa Sponsorship

Below are different names of cleaning job vacancies you can apply for in the USA and as well if you are in search of visa sponsorship. There are varieties of cleaning jobs that suit your experience.


Janitor‘s functions are to keep the environment and all surfaces such as (floors, walls, ceilings and furniture) clean.  As a janitor, you should vacuum, sanitize restrooms, throw away trash and recycle trash. At the same time, you will clean the windows, mirrors and glass surfaces.

The average expected salary range of a Janitor is $29,527 to $38,278 per year.


As a housekeeper you are employed to keep the interior and exterior of the house clean. As well as perform other general duties within the house. Which includes vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning surfaces, washing the toilets and bathrooms, cleaning windows, throwing trashes, mopping and dusting surfaces.

The average salary of a housekeeper is within the range of $25,480 to $31,657 per year.

Residential Cleaner is One of the Best Cleaning Jobs to Apply for in the USA with a Visa Sponsorship

Residential cleaners are in charge of cleaning your customer’s homes, condos and any other residential properties. Your functions include sweeping, trash cans, mopping floor, clean toilet, driveways, counters, windows and other hidden part of the residential areas.

The average salary is of the approximate range of $25,000 to $31,700 per year.

Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaner’s duties are to clean business areas which includes offices, factories, company, schools and restaurants. Commercial cleaners are to sweep, scrub, wipe, polish surfaces, and wash machineries and fixtures.  Remove trash and dispose them.

An Average salary ranges from $30,978 to $38,489 per year.

Executive Housekeeper

As an executive housekeeper you are to supervise all corners of the household, which are cooking, laundry, decoration and landscaping. Your job is to supervise, solve problems  and support the staff that  perform the duties.

Average salary of an executive house keeper is $26,538 to $31,971 per year.

Maid Service

A maid function is to clean the home, they also cares of the children and as well the elderly and keep to appointment with doctor to take them for treatment. They as well take care of laundries, cook, and other necessary cleaning things across the home.

Average salary range of a maid in USA is $25,480 to 31,660 per year.

Maintenance Worker

A maintenance worker is in charge of maintaining and repairing and create equipment. They also ensure all facilities in use are functioning properly. And as well, facilities like plumbing machine, electricals, heating and cooling equipment are in a good state.

Average salary of maintenance worker is $31,489 to $38,529 per year.

Parking Attendant

Their jobs are to manage the flow of traffic and to make sure that vehicles are parked in their expected lot and ensure no one make their vehicle in an un-authorised environment.

The average salary ranges from $29,051 to $38,772 per year.

Visa-Sponsored Cleaner Jobs in the USA Salary Expectations by Experience

It is important to note the salary range you are expected to earn. For people working as a cleaner in the USA it is an opportunity to gain experience and earn a living. It is important to note what the requirement of the job. Below is the details of the salary expectation as a cleaner in the USA with visa sponsorship.

Entry-Level (0-1 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Expectations

Your expectation of salary as an entry level should be between range of  $10-$12 houly.  This wage might be different depending on location and the type of company you are working for.  But according to general research, an entry level cleaner in the USA  with visa sponsorship earns approximately $20,000-$25,000 per year.

Mid-Level (2-5 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Expectations

Mid-level cleaners with visa sponsorships in the USA earn within the range of $13-$13 hourly. The difference in wages may differ depending on the location or the type of cleaning job. On a general note, the salary of a cleaner is approximately $26,000 to $30,000 a year or annually.

You can earn higher as a mid-level experience cleaner, if you can negotiate  a high salary or be a supervisor to other  junior cleaners. Do a research on specific job market in your area, so as to know your salary expectations.

Senior-Level (6-10 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Expectations

As a senior cleaner, it is expected to earn a salary of approximately  $15-$20 an hour,  and $30,000 to $40,000 annually. This depends on type of cleaning job or location. Senior-level cleaners in the USA with visa sponsorship can take a role of supervisory role or managerial role. For you to know your salary expectation as a senior level cleaner, you should be able to make research on the job market in that location.

Factors That Affect Cleaner Salaries in the USA

There are several factors that affects a cleaner’s salary in the USA. This includes experience level, location, the type of cleaning job and visa sponsorship. For entry levels is with a wagely income $10-$15 per hour.  for mid-levels,  approximately earns within $12-$18 per hour. Finally for senior levels earns an approximate income of $20 per hour.

Furthermore, salaries can be different based on location, type of cleaning job and the number of experience you have. For example cleaners in the urban cities may earn higher than those in the rural areas. And those working In the commercial or industrial settings may as well earn higher than those who are in the residential areas.

It is of importance, to make research of cleaning jobs in your area, so as to have a good understanding of your salary expectation range. If you want to know your salary expectation in different cities, the information above will explain in details.

Who is a Cleaner?

A cleaner is a worker that is in charge of keeping some areas like (homes, offices, hotels, schools, road,s and other areas) clean and organized which in return gets paid.

Furthermore, as a cleaner, you might be given a specific task to do within your shift time of work such as cleaning the toilet, trashing cans, cleaning the hall and many other things. Additionally. Once you are done with your task, you might not be given another task To do. Other than the one been given initially.

What is Cleaning Jobs?

The major responsibility of cleaner is to sweep, mop, vacuum floors, remove dust from sofas and sanitize segments like the bathroom, kitchens, and more.

Various cleaning companies are offering cleaners visa sponsorship in USA. To get a cleaning job in USA with visa sponsorship is not hard to find. People are lucky To be recruited as cleansers in the USA because there are tons of cleaning jobs in the US. In which employers are ready to sponsor a foreigner visa. Let’s gets over to companies that offers the best cleaning jobs in USA with visa sponsorship in the next line.

5 Companies Offering Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are in search of companies that offers foreigners or international candidates in usa with visa sponsorships. There are companies in which I will be listing below. This companies are currently hiring cleaners and are ready to sponsor your visa for qualified candidates.


Jani-King is a commercial cleaning company that renders cleaning services to clients or business in across USA. They are recently hiring for cleaning vacancies and they are ready to sponsor your visa. If you are qualified candidate.

They as well provide training and support to their employee s and give them competitive wage or salary and as well some benefits

Merry Maid

Merry maid is a cleaning company for residential areas. Which operates across USA. They render cleaning services to home owners and recently hiring cleaners and are ready to sponsor your visa for candidates that are qualified.

The Cleaning Authority

The cleaning Authority is a nationwide cleaning company that renders both residential and commercial cleaning services to their clients. They are currently hiring cleaners who are n search for visa sponsorship and as well qualified for the position.

They as well provides training, support to their employees and give them competitive and mouth-watering benefits. As a cleaner interested in cleaning job with visa sponsorship, cleaning authority is suitable for you.


MaidPro is a cleaning company that offers residential cleaning services in over 200 locations across the United States. They are currently hiring for cleaning positions with visa sponsorship available for qualified candidates in the USA

MaidPro provides training and support to their employees and offers competitive pay and benefits.

Molly Maid

Molly Maid is a known company for over 36 years of experience in the USA. It renders cleaning services to residential areas to over 450 locations within the United States. They are recently hiring cleaners in USA with Visa sponsorships.

They provide trainings and support.  And as well renders competitive salary and benefits. If you are in search of cleaning company that is offering visa sponsorship, molly maid is a good one to apply to.

Benefits of Cleaning Jobs in the USA

Here are some of the benefits of cleaning jobs in the USA;

  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid time off
  • Parental leave
  • Vision insurance

Responsibilities of Cleaning Jobs in the USA

The following are general duties of a cleaner in the USA.

  1. Clean, keep in stock, and provide the facility where you are allocated to.
  2. Execute intense huge cleaning  when needed
  3. As well l as place a notification  to the management when there is need for repair.

Types of Visa to Apply for to Get the USA Cleaning Visa Sponsorship Job

This are the type of visa you should  apply for, if you are searching  for cleaning job with visa sponsorships.

H-2B visa

This type of visa are for unskilled workers, which you can use to migrate to the USA as a child care provider. These are for temporary workers but only available to those countries that  are bind with the USA.

J-1 visa

This type of visa has an Au pair program, is for those who have interest in becoming nannies or do childcare. So therefore, it requires you to undergo training.

To be a qualified candidate, you will have to be from 18-26 years of age. And as well graduated from high school and be fluent in English.

B-1 Visa

This type of visa is accompanied with visitor visa to the USA. So therefore if a childcare provider to a person visiting the USA. Then you can make use of this visa. This visa is only valid for six months, you can as well be extended.

There will be an agreement between the employer and employer to sign a contract, that the employer will pay same benefit to those of USA workers.

How to Apply for Cleaning Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are in search of cleaning jobs, below is the steps and procedure of how to apply for a cleaning job in USA with visa sponsorship.

  • Visit web browser on mobile, desktop or computer
  • On the URL, search for
  • Sign in and upload your resume or CV
  • Apply for the job, you meet the requirements.

Once you are done with the application process, the employer will get in touch with you to guide you on the kind of visa to apply for.

Cleaning Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship Interview Questions to Expect and Their Respective Answers

If you are applying for a cleaning job in the USA with visa sponsorship, there are some interview question you need to answer. Below are some questions and answers you need to know before applying for cleaning job in USA.

– Are You Open to Working Early-Morning Shifts, weekends and Late-Night?

You should be able to convince the interviewer that you are flexible . and as well  tell him why you enjoy working different shifts and still be productive in the job.

– Tell Me about Your Approach to Cleaning Metal, Wood and Granite

You should be able to convince the interviewer that you have the experience in cleaning and how you use different products you use while cleaning surfaces. You can as well share an experience or an approach of how you cleaned a metal in where you work.

– How Would You Approach a Situation where a Colleague Continually Spills Products that are hard to Clean?

You can state how you were able to handle same experience with gentleness.

– What Will You Do if You Unexpectedly Use Too Much of a Cleaning Product?

You should be able to show your ability to be handle things calmly even in a stressful situation to do your job clean.

– What Will You Do if You Cannot Remove a Stain from an Item?

This is where you show how to solve problems without a supervision. Try to craft a response, where you convince the interviewer, how you can break a challenging news to a customer while profering solutions.

State a challenging situation where you able to handle it with good work ethics

– Why are you interested in Cleaning Jobs?

You can say, the cleaning job brings more exposure and skills. You can as well craft out a scenario through work experience as a cleaner. How you were able to narrate how the job will develop your skill.

– What are the Potentials or Qualities That a Cleaner needs to be Successful?

  • Work together with your team
  • Listen attentively
  • Able to multi-task
  • Communicating skills
  • Physical energy
  • Administrative skills

– What Make You Feel you are Qualified for this Role?

You should be able to talk about your previous work experience and how you able to clean with the right product and clean at the right time without supervision. And as well making the environment very clean. Beeb able to communicate with customers when you want to clean the location where they are. And the ability to work with other teams

– What Will Be Your Approach if You Come Across an Angry Guest?

You do not rush to answer this kind of question. You can say you do not communicate directly with customers, unless they come to you for an assistance.

– What is your key Strength as a Cleaner?

As a cleaner your strength is on ability to be clean, organised and multi-task.

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