Bail Bond: Meaning, And How It Works, Cheapest Bail Bond

A bail Bond is also know as bail bond agent, Bail Bondsman or bond dealer. A Bail bond can be said to be an Agent, cooperate body or a person that acts as a Guarantor and as as well use money or property as a pledge to bail a defendant for the appearance in court.

Bail bond

This bail Bond dealer are mostly found in United States because it is legal in the country. It is not really found in other country because it is illegal. The company is represented by trade association with professional Bail Agents of united states and American Bail Alliance forming an Agency group for Bails and Surety Companies and the National association of fugitive Recovery Agents which serves as the representatives of bounty hunting industry.

The opposition of Bail Bondsmanship by the American Bar Association and National District Attorneys claims that Bail bond is against the poor class Accused, not even for the safety of the Accused.

How much is Bail Bond?

Bail Bond organization fee is charged 10% of state charge and 15% of federal bail bond. A non refundable fee of a minimum charge of 100 dollar in a state such as Florida. State such as Nevada uses a house as a bail bond for the defendant to put it as a collateral. To commence this, the applicant has to sign a deed of trust and name the bond Agency as the beneficiary. This allows the Bond Agent have Claim to the property, incase the defendant didn’t oblige to court rules and regulation.

In a state like Florida, bond agency are in charge of paying penalty fee. In a situation, Bondsmen are unable to pay the Expected amount, they are unable to request for further Bonds in the State.

How a Bail Bond Works(Recovery and Bounty Bonding)

If the accused fails to appear in court, by contract agreement, the bond company is given the opportunity to bring the defendant by the authority of the court in purpose to retrieve the money to be paid under the bond. Which is through the use of bounty hunter. The country that has same bondsman bail structure system is the Philippines. Commercial bail arrangement set a by well trained lawyers for professional misconduct.

State like North Carolina, banned the use of bounty hunters, instead the bail bondsmen holds their escapee. Bondsman agent may as well regain the money that is giving up to the court of an Accused who fails to appear in court by suing indemnitors , a person who stands in as a guarantor to the Accused , will appear in court or the Accused themselves.

What is the cheapest bail?

The issue of expensive bail bonds and the the burden it exerts on your finances by family of individual that is set to bail someone in jail. A person in jail cannot work or neither support the family financially.

Using justice bail bonds is one of the fastest way to bail the Accused to put off financial stress , so as to get back to work.

Justice Bail Bonds is cheaper when it comes to other type of bond for the Accused. It renders the following services below

Lower bail  charges which is allowed under the Law.

Hidden charges or annual fee is exempted

No interest rate on bail bonds on approved credit(OAC)

Military discounts for service members

No collateral needed

Bilingual staff – All agents speak English and Spanish

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