How To Check My Gmail Inbox

Gmail Inbox is only one of the best features that accompanies one of the best email service platforms. In this modern era of digital technology, Gmail wins the spotlight for being one of the most reliable forums that come with the receiving and sending of emails. Among the many features that Gmail possesses, the Inbox is one of the most vital features that deal hands-on with communication tasks. This is where you compose tons of emails and send them out to various recipients.  Whether it is formal or pretty personal, the inbox is where you get the most work done.

Gmail Inbox

In addition to this, using the Gmail inbox helps you to easily simplify all your communications online groups and organize conversations, and many more.

What Is The Gmail Inbox?

Gmail inbox, basically is a tray in use as a desk that is responsible for receiving all incoming mail from different sources. It is also a computer folder specially designed to receive whatever emails are coming from various sources.

If you use your Gmail address to sign up for things like courses, school programs, Travel, entertainment news, Business related information, and many more, you are bound to get important information, alerts, or notification concerning those affairs.

Moreover, it is mandatory as it helps you stay updated on whatever affairs are deemed important. All this is so possible through the channel of communication.

Where Is The Inbox In Gmail?

If you want to access your Gmail inbox, it is very easy to do so. As long as you have a Gmail account, this is something that you can accomplish whenever you wish to. Here is how you can access the Inbox in Gmail:

If you are using a web browser:

  • Visit the official page at
  • Once prompted to do so, you have to enter the Gmail address of your Gmail account.
  • That is what usually ends with
  • Click Next to proceed
  • Now, enter your Gmail password
  • Click Next
  • Once you have done the above, you will get the next screen straight to your Gmail inbox

If you are using the mobile app:

  • Launch the Gmail application on your home screen
  • If you aren’t signed in, you will have to enter your Gmail address
  • Next, you will enter your accurate Gmail password
  • Click Next

Now, if you follow the steps above you get access to your Gmail inbox on the application. This is so easy to do. You can accomplish such activities within seconds.

How To Create Multiple Inboxes With Gmail

Some, tend or choose to sort their emails in an orderly form. This leads to individuals taking an interest in creating multiple inboxes for various reasons. Furthermore, you can actually achieve that aim via Gmail as well. However, if you want to set up multiple inboxes on Gmail, please note you can only do so using a computer. Here’s how to do so:

  • On your computer web browser, visit the site at
  • Scroll to the top right of the screen
  • Click Settings
  • Right next to the option ‘Inbox Type’, click on Multiple Inboxes
  • If you also want to change the multiple inbox settings, you will tap on Customize
  • Then, you will proceed to enter the search criteria that you want for each section. For Instance, if you want to look for all starred emails, use the format: is: starred
  • Next, enter a name for the section under the ‘Section name’
  • Right next to the ‘Maximum page size’, enter the number of emails that you want to view in the section
  • Navigate to the option close to ‘Multiple Inbox position’’ and select where you want to put the sections
  • Scroll right down to the bottom and click on Save Changes

With that, you have succeeded in learning how to create and manage multiple inboxes in Gmail.

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