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A typical forklift driver job in USA could earn you up to $19.15 to $29.00 per hour. In this article, we will be providing you wit details on how to secure a Forklift Job in USA with Visa sponsorship. People who reside outside the USA most times ponder over the possibility of securing a per-hour job of such caliber.

The only experience required to secure this job is your ability to drive and pass a driving test. Other details of what is required to secure the job will be duly provided. We will also tell you how to get the job without having the experience of the job as you can earn as much as $720.15 to $1120.50 USD weekly depending on the number of hours you can effectively work.

We also highlighted other jobs where you can earn this amount in USD weekly. Below is a list of these jobs and how much you can earn monthly.

Construction Job – $33,261 USD to $45,300 USD

Tailor Job – $36,000 USD to $72,000 USD

Caregiver Job – $36,510 USD to $42,500 USD

Phone Technician Job – $28,275 USD to $75,000 USD

Nanny Job – $37,750 USD to $49,499 USD

Additionally, as easy as it is to get a forklift job in USA with visa sponsorship, you will be required to present some documents before you can get this job. However, your visa sponsorship will commence when you have finally secured an employer who is willing to employ you and has the visa sponsorship program as part of the agreement on your employment report.

Lots of foreigners have migrated to the US with visa sponsorship jobs, you are also advised to be cautious with whom you share your vital information. Hence, we plead that you adhere to every piece of information shared in this blog post effectively.

Who is Forklift Driver

A forklift driver works mostly within a warehouse environment where goods are required to be moved from one point to the other. In most cases, from the production site to the branding or packaging site. They are also in charge of delivering, offloading and loading these goods to the right stations in a warehouse and on sites of construction.

The forklift driver job also includes the following;

  • Loading and offloading of gods from different vehicles.
  • Keeping pallets packed in their right position at the warehouse or storage facility.
  • Ensuring the safety of loads.
  • Taking good care of the equipment in their care.
  • Adhering to safety instructions.
  • Time management.
Forklift Driver Job in USA

12 of the Best Forklift Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

As a forklift driver, several job positions in the USA offer visa sponsorship, which you can apply for. With these jobs offered, you will be able to successfully immigrate to the USA as a forklift driver.

1. Forklift Truck Driver

As a Forklift driver, your Job role is to transport goods and pallets around the warehouse, building site or facility. Other job functions as a forklift truck driver include loading and unloading materials from different types of vehicles and also moving pallet-packed materials around the warehouse, storage facility or building site.

2. Shipping Clerk

You are responsible for managing the shipment of products, materials, and supplies. The job entails being collaborative and providing effective communication with other departments such as the logistics technicians, customer service representatives, service providers and all those who are involved in the shipment of products.

3. Warehouse Supervisor

This comes with a huge responsibility of checking, overseeing and coordinating daily warehouse activities which include receiving and storing goods,  managing inventories and ensuring that there is efficient delivery of goods. You will also supervise the staff and make sure the warehouse is secure.

4. Warehouse Operator

A forklift warehouse operator is the one who is responsible for involvement with the unloading of materials and merchandise from incoming vehicles and then stacking them to their various assigned positions. The job position also involves locating and moving stock or products into pallets or crates for shipment or for storage.

5. Self-Driving Vehicle Operators – Best Forklift Driver Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

As a self-driving vehicle operator, the job involves you monitoring the self-driving forklift which can pick up and carry up the load and also navigate crowded floors by the use of sensors and software. You will make sure that everything is in order and that the movement of the self-driving forklifts is in order to avoid accidents.

6. Forklift Operator Material Handler

Your job as a forklift operator material handler means you are involved in the storing, moving and managing of hazardous or non-hazardous materials. And also as a forklift operator material handler your job also involves you moving stock, documenting deliveries and also monitoring supplies in the warehouse or site.

7. Warehouse Manager

A warehouse manager oversees the storage and distribution of materials or products. The warehouse manager also supervises all the activities going on in the facility which involves overseeing team performance. A warehouse manager also expedites the receiving and shipping of goods or materials and ensures efficient and organized storage.

8. Distribution Manager

The distribution manager is the one who determines when a product is going to be distributed, where the product is going to be sent and what volume of the product will be distributed. The distribution manager is also an important member of the logistics and supply chain management of the facility.

9. Operation Manager is Among the Best Forklift Driver Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

The operation manager oversees all operational activities at every level of the facility or site. The duties of an operational manager involve the hiring and training of employees and also managing quality assurance programs of the facility or sites. As an operation manager, you will make improvements to bring the best out of everyone.

10. Production Assistant

The production assistant is tasked with the responsibility of prioritizing, making plans, managing production activities and scheduling. The production assistant also makes sure manufacturing is carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner.

11. Stacker Operator

The stacker operator’s duty and responsibility are to work according to the operating procedures and safety guidelines of the facility or site. To also ensure that materials are being supplied to the right or appropriate location in a timely manner. The stacker operator also collaborates with other personnel to ensure smooth operations.

12. Technical Operator

This role requires you to oversee all robot components within a warehouse or a construction site from a single plane. Here you are required to monitor and effectively manage the movement of these robots with respect to the assigned tasks. This will help to ensure safety and reduce loss risks

As a forklift driver, these are some of the job positions you can occupy. Employers with these jobs vacancy in the USA offer visa sponsorship alongside the job. And as long as you meet the requirements set out by your employer you can easily get the job.

Where And How to Apply for a Forklift Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship

In this modern time, there is no better place to seek a job especially if you are computer literate than the Internet. And by saying computer literate, you don’t necessarily need to be a guru but just have a basic knowledge of making use of the internet. There are several job sites to apply for a job online. these sites listed below can also be of good help when you make a proper search.


You can visit any of the above-listed job sites to search for jobs on the platform. While on any of the platforms, you will need to fill out a job application form. It includes making provisions for your skill document, certificates if necessary, and also your experiences. The next paragraph contains the necessary documents that you will be required.

What Do I Need to Become a Forklift Driver

Knowledge and the right information! Simply, all you need to become a forklift is knowledge of it. The question is, how can one get hold of the needed information to secure a forklift job in USA with visa sponsorship? Our above outline websites will help you tremendously. All you will need is to bookmark them and then set a notification for the desired job.

There are ways to aid your job search; you can apply to an employer who will train you directly. Let’s look at how you can get and do a forklift job in USA with visa sponsorship by having any of this required experience.

College Course: this is very easy; you are required to have passed through a level 2 certificate or award in forklift truck operations to acquire the necessary certifications which would allow you to get a forklift job in USA. You may also be required to provide a construction skills certificate scheme if you want to apply for a forklift driver job in USA if you want to work on a construction site.

Internship Or Apprenticeship: if you are not in possession of any college qualification, an apprenticeship certificate will be a key requirement. It must prove that you have been trained in a construction site or a warehouse. This is to ensure that you have had the experience of a forklift driver. One of the requirements is a certificate stating that you have completed an intermediate apprenticeship training in distribution chain warehouse operations. This must be provided to your employer before you can get the job grants.

Apply Directly To an Employer: There are so many companies that allow people to do a forklift driver job in USA with visa sponsorship with or without experience. Meanwhile, you will be applying as an apprentice to gain more experience on the job. The program usually runs for a period of 3-6 months before such a person can be employed fully in the company.

Skills Required for Forklift Driver Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship

The above paragraphs have immensely dwelled on what you need to get a forklift driver job in USA with visa sponsorship. Below are some more requirements that put you at an advantage amidst other applicants. They include:

  • Good record-taking.
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to adhere to Safety Tips
  • Good communication capabilities

With these skills in place, you will start working and making money from doing a forklift job in USA. However, your visa sponsorship will take place after you have your employment from an employer in USA. However, when picking a visa go for an H-1B or H-2B visa. It is the only visa with a sponsorship program.

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