Tailor job in USA  with visa sponsorship

Tailor job in USA with visa sponsorship

If you want to earn $36000 to $72000 USD per year in the USA as a tailor. It is one of the best job to apply for in the USA. You need to have some requirements such as expertise in tailoring and making luxury garments to be given a sponsored   visa. However if you have the knowledge and interest in always making beautiful garments, this article is designed for you. You can as well read to the end so you can find out to know the job roles, application procedure, expertise, experience, responsibilities  and educational background needed for this exiting role.
Tailor job in USA  with visa sponsorship

Tailor Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship

A tailor is a person who makes beautiful fitted garments. Also known as a dress maker, outfitter, garment-maker and fashion-designer. Furthermore, a tailor who does have not much hands on experience on making garments. can as well apply as an  entry-level as a  tailor. If you are interested in being a tailor, you can read through the article in details and share to people, to be aware of this exiting job role. For you to apply for this role you should at least have a minimum of secondary school certificate and a minimum of I year experience. At this same time, there are other benefit attached to been a tailor in the USA

Duties of Tailor

  • A tailor should be to make fitted garments according to customer and manufacturing specifications
  • Garments repair, changes and fitting required.
  • Operate sewing machines or as well sew by hands
  • Select and change commercial patterns to customer’s and clothing manufacture specification and fit
  • Mark , cut and sew fabrics


How do I get a  Visa Sponsored job in USA?

For you to get a tailor job in the USA with visa sponsorship is just the same as other jobs. But differs with job responsibilities , role, requirements,  educational background and experience. Below are the processes to follow to be offered a visa sponsorship. As an employee you should  understand  and read through  the requirement before applying.

  • Apply for H-1B visa sponsored jobs  in the following job website such as  indeed, glassdoor( after meeting the requirement by the employee)
  • Once given the job offer, Draft and send  the  contract agreement offer to the foreign employer to sign
  • Submit a labour certificate: you must obtain a certified labour certification application from department of labour(DOL),and DOL submits to USCIS(united states citizenship and immigration service) stating that there are no willing, qualified potential employee within the country to do the job.
  • Submit The Documents To The USCIS: the certificate of labour is sent to the USCIS, this can take time but it depends on the amount of pending cases. You will be notified when your application is approved. At this point, you can start your visa processes in your home country.

How much do tailors make in USA?

 According to research, tailors are been paid a good amount of money as an unskilled worker.  The salary range is between $3000 to $5000 monthly or $17 to $22 hourly.  However your salary may be higher based on your level of experience and expertise.

At this point, looking at how lucrative tailor jobs are , now is the best time to apply this particular job role and have an exciting moment in your job.