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Create a Gmail login AccountCreate a Gmail login Account

To create a Google mail account popularly known as Gmail you need to understand that it is one of the largest and the most powerful emails today. It was the product of Google Company Inc. on 15th April 2004. Within July 2012, Gmail rose above 425 million users.

Thus, in 2012, Gmail overtook Hotmail to become one of the most popular email providers in the world. By 2014 it exceeded one billion downloads on mobile devices.

Furthermore, since reaching that height, it’s showing no sign of going down. Today, Gmail users have risen above 1.5 billion.

More so, having a Gmail account is not the only thing, it’s a lot more than an email. It’s just a whole new world of pleasure and opportunities.

For instance, Gmail does not only offer email services, but they go beyond that.

For example, immediately you complete Gmail create account/login process automatically you have a Google account.

Meanwhile, we shall soon go into detail about what Google can offer to you.


Similarly, Gmail is currently the largest and the best email platform in vogue. We have much other webmail, but none is equal to that of Gmail.

In reality, Gmail has many features and large a storage capacity of as big as 15GB of space. Thus, bigger than the GB space than any other mailing platform.

Above all, Gmail has enticing features.

Therefore, the speed growth of the internet, which has offered opportunities to many people. By all means, Google management made it possible to create a Gmail account/login for free.

Why do you need to create Gmail login Account?

Creating a Google Account/ Login is interesting because it offers many features and opportunities. Such things like Google Drive, with 15GB free space to store your files

Another is Google Docs, which allows you to store and work with your documents online. This makes your work very easy. Your Gmail when synchronized with your Google Docs gives access to your documents to anyone you want.

Therefore, your work partners won’t have to download documents but graciously have access to it. In like manner, Google hangouts is also a unique app for easy communication with your friends no matter your location.

When you create your Gmail Account/Login, you shall enjoy these and many more.

 Login process.

This will be your guide to creating a Gmail Account/ Login. Is very easy and can be completed in a few minutes.  First and foremost, go to Gmail’s official website  Then select “create a new account” and the account creation page will appear. Kindly fill in your basic info.

Things like name, username, password, phone number, gender, etc.

Once the page appears, you start to fill in the required info below:

  • Fill in your first and last name
  • Your user name. Try to make your user name unique by combining words and numbers. Make sure that you choose a username easy to remember.

Please, you may not be able to get the Gmail username address you asked for if:

  1. Some else is using it
  2. It has similarities with another
  3. Used and deleted before. Google may see it as spam or abuse.

However, you will see user name suggestions by Google.

Create password. You must create a strong password by combining letters of up case with lower case, numbers, and symbols. It should be longer than 8 characters for security and safety. Thus, making your password very strong.

  • Meanwhile, as you make your password strong and complex, remember to choose what is simple and familiar.
  • Enter your mobile phone number. This is to verify your account. Additionally, keeping your phone number with Google offers the opportunity to send security notices. Such as a password for an easy reset if need be.

 Google uses a two-way process to do verification for your security.

Firstly, semi-legible letters Codes called Captcha. This you will see on your web.

Secondly, mobile Code text massage. This will be sent to your phone, and when you enter them to continue your registration.

Most importantly, Google will send you a notification through your mobile if access your account using another IP address.

The next step is your date of birth and gender. (though optional anyway still but important for policy reasons).

Lastly, is your Location.  For those in the United States, Google has made yours a default. But if you are not from there, kindly fill in your country.

Thereafter, you will see the Terms of Services. Here is where Google provides   Terms of Services (TOS) which you need to agree with if you want to have a          Gmail account. You must review Google’s Privacy policy and Terms of Services. After that click, I agree.

Your account will automatically be created successfully.  Fantastic! Now you have completed creating your e-mail account with Google. Congratulations!

  Option for personalizing your  Gmail account 

Google will ask if your account can be used to personalize ads and content on another site. If the option is accepted, Google can scan your e-mail box to discover things likely to interest you. Thereafter, supply ads that match your area of interest.

Again, you are required to select security questions and add photos to your account. Be guided by the instructions to enable you to upload your picture. If you want to remain anonymous so be it. Click the next step and an option will appear asking you to continue with Gmail to access your new mail account.

 A business account with Gmail

For those who want to use Gmail for their business, a Google Workspace account is for you. Google Workspace account is most preferred than individual Google account.

Indeed, Google Workspace starts with $6 per month and comes with the following:

Firstly, a professional ad-free Gmail account, done with your company’s domain name.

  1. Account showing ownership of employee as to be in charge of your company’s e-mails, files and accounts
  2. e-mail, 24/7 mobile phone and chat support from a person, not a robot.
  3. Google Drive storage and increased Gmail.
  4. Mobile device management to keep your data secure.
  5. Advance security and administration control.

   Account Login features/Benefits

Indeed, the Google network has expanded; currently, it is the largest server in the world of the internet. Also, have many features with useful tools to link you directly to social networks. Such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tinder, Tumblr, etc.

As long as, you have created your Gmail account you automatically have a Youtube account. There you can surf for your favorite videos to watch now or later. You can record or download, the choice is yours.

Enjoy big space: As mentioned before, that Gmail has a greater capacity than its competitors.


  • Gmail is everywhere: This means you can open and enjoy your mail anywhere you go.
  • Next, Protection: Due to the increase of hackers and info theft online. Gmail has its security platform, so you don’t risk your documents or personal data. Moreover, they have an HTTS encryption system, which is so reliable and authentic.
  • Another, Google Docs: It is one of the Google tools that allow you to create spreadsheets, folders, and documents. Thereby, allowing you to share files online. This will help people in a firm to work at the same time.
  • Again, Organization: For your e-mail folder not to be messed up. Gmail organizes it for easy location.
  • Similarly, Blocking messages or advertising using viruses: Gmail has a strong Antispam to prevent malicious e-mails and adverts that may harm your computer.
  • Then, Instant chat: Maybe, you need urgent info and don’t have time for writing mail. Simply use chat services to pass the info or use the video chat if you so wish.
  • Additionally, Exact search: sometimes you may forget the title of the e-mail you are looking for. Gmail Login smart search is the answer to that. Just type the keyword in the e-mail the system will search for you.
  • Also, priorities: This helps to prioritize your e-mails especially the urgent ones. Such as that of your partner, boss, relatives friends, etc. The e-mail will appear separately in its arrival, for you to read.

 Mobile Phone Gmail An account 

There is no doubt that we have taught you how to create your Gmail account login. But that was of computer version. Currently, many people use mobile phones more than computers. Don’t worry, we shall carefully teach you how to use your phone for the same purpose. Here we go, to use your phone to have access to Gmail, follow these instructions:

Firstly, download and install the Gmail app

Note, it is available in PlayStore for Android phones and iTunes for Apple phones. After the installations, the process is very easy. You will see an option to open Gmail to create a Login account.

  • An icon of the Gmail application will appear on your mobile phone.
  • Therefore, open the Gmail application on your phone. Be it Android or Apple phone.
  • As you open the Gmail application Login will appear on your phone requesting your e-mail and password.
  • By entering your e-mail or username with password automatically your info will be stored on your phone.
  • Now, you are good to go and enjoy mobile e-mailing everywhere you go, provided there is the internet.

In case you have not created your Gmail account Login before.  follow the simple instructions as already explained. In doing that, you have created your Gmail on the mobile phone.

 What to benefit in Gmail mobile phone

Your Gmail is now mobile. That is to say, you can access your account anywhere you go without delay.

You can receive e-mail messages on your phone and send messages as well. Isn’t that incredible?

You can send attachments, save and view them too.

Synchronization happens immediately after you receive the message.

Multiple accounts can be managed through your app.

Equally, you receive notifications as soon as you receive the message.

Also, bookmark notifications settings are available for you.

How to recover your Gmail password

Should you forget your Gmail password, kindly lunch into www. for the recovery. Then click on the box ‘’find my account.’’

After that, select ‘’ I don’t know my password or forgot password. However, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. As you proceed and select the button that shows you forgot your password. Equally, you will be asked to submit your phone number. Then an SMS shall be sent to you through your phone, which is the Code you will use to reset your password. Furthermore, the system will request you to enter the Code sent to you.

Lastly, click on ‘’Reset password’’ after that, enter your new password twice and the process is finished.

Then, you can start having access to your Gmail with your new password.

Note: If you always forget your password, write it down where you can always have access to it. So you don’t repeat this process.

 Pop Server using Gmail

With Gmail-Webmail, you will be allowed to manage more than one e-mail account.  Moreover, you can download and send emails from other e-mail servers. However, this performs like Thunderbird, Outlook, or some other likely e-mail programs.

To receive mails via Pop, these are what you should do:

  • Login to your Gmail account selects the setting option below your profile picture.
  • Therefore, in the settings, select ‘’Accounts and import’’ as you tab messages and contacts shall be imported.
  • During this period, we shall be adding the e-mail we choose to configure. Then, tap on ‘’continue’’.
  • Thereafter, steps to configuring the Pop server and the access data. (a)  Enter the password of your e-mail.

(b)  Pop username: Fill with your e-mail.

©   In Pop Server: Insert your domain’s e-mail server data, which is usually the saver’s IP or

  • Lastly, click continue, options for your e-mail messages to your Gmail account will be displayed.

Again, if you want to identify the messages from the e-mail select ‘’ Add label’’ to imported messages.

If you want to protect the imported messages from the e-mail, choose the option ‘’e-mail protected’’.

Security Tips For Gmail Users

Using a strong password for your Gmail account is good, but not enough to avoid hackers. So read below for more info.

  • Don’t save your password on computers made for public consumption. Most of the time, people out of ignorant click save the password on public or their company’s computer. This is wrong to avoid accessing or hacking your account.
  • To avoid people from accessing information in your mail, always click disconnect my account or log out.
  • Furthermore, always take precautions on the type of things you download. Hence, many files sometimes are affected by viruses that may manipulate your computer. Thus, causing others access to your Gmail in formations.

 Alternate Codes

Don’t worry,  Google in its goodwill has other security measures for its users.  And this is  2-step authentication.  Although, the users may still access their Gmail account without the verification code sent to the registered device. This challenge occurs when the user loses the device that serves as a confirmation instrument for identity.

Then, the method to alternatively recover the account is through generated Codes on the configuration page. follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Google authentication page:
  • Don’t forget to Login with your password
  • Immediately, the 2-step settings will appear. Kindly, look for the ‘’Alternative Codes’’ option and click on ‘’configuration’’ shown to you underneath.

Secondly, different kinds of Codes shall be displayed by Google for you to use and log in. Most importantly, carefully write them down or print the Codes/ password. Thereafter, preserve the written or printed copy in a very safe place.

Thirdly, you can’t log in to Google without your username and password. Do so by entering them. Therefore, on the next page, make sure you enter one of the generated emergency Codes during the settings.

Of course, you will access your Gmail account again. Should you change your mobile phone number,   kindly go to authentication to reconfigure it.


Today, Gmail is the best and the largest mailing platform in the world today.  It is also important to note how simple it is. However, it may be confusing a little for first-timers especially those using other mailing networks.

Knowing that its benefit is enormous, in security Google has algorithms that protect you from viruses. As you can see that it has also a Hangout platform.    Enjoy Gmail everywhere you go.

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