Techron Advantage Card – Cards Activation and Registration

This content unveiled ways of activating your card if you’re a new Techron Advantage credit card holder. We also provided answers to most of the FAQs regarding Techron Advantage credit cards relating to login difficulties and payment issues.

Synchrony Bank in conjunction with Chevron and Texaco gas stations issues Techron Advantage Credit card. They in turn offer excellent rewards to cardholders when they make purchases at their locations or outlets. The process to log in and activate your card through the Synchrony portal is very straightforward, and we walk you through the details.

How to Login to Your Techron Advantage Card Account?

Upon initiating the activation of your card you will be prompted to choose a username and password which will then be used to login to account.

To log in simply navigate to Then click the “My Account” button on the top right of the page, and you will be redirected to another screen to select the “log in” button. Clicking that will take you to Synchrony Bank’s login screen.

From there, enter your username and password into the fields to gain access to your Techron Credit Card online account.

Techron Advantage Card

How to Pay Your Techron Advantage Card Bill?

We are here to provide you a walkthrough on how you can pay your bills using Techron Advantage Card

You can start the process by following the login process described above, or you can navigate to and scroll down to the “online and mobile account management button” and find the section that says “pay bill.”

You can either make a one-time payment or set up recurring monthly payments for either the minimum payment or for your entire statement balance.

While you are here, you can also enrol in an electronic billing agreement to pay your bills online. You can also monitor your transactions and view past billing statements, which is a great way to monitor transactions on your account and make sure you are up to speed on any Techron Advantage card updates.

Steps for Techron Advantage Cards Activation

The convenient way to activate Techron Activation Card by the cardholders is through an online website.

Below are the steps to take:

  • Visit
  • Click the gold activate Card button
  • Activate your Card by entering under listed information:
  • Account number
  • Three digits security code
  • Last four digits of social security
  • Next and the last is your date of birth
  • Then click the activation button

Phone Activation

Exclusively for Techron Advantage Credit Cardholders

Gently dial: 1-866-913-8492

For Techron Advantage Visa Card users

Call 1-866-448-5702

As you know that there is always a first time for everything. So for the first-timers, this is for you.

First Time Registration


Press the gold button register now

Immediately you press the button; look up to your account via the primary account holders. Then submit the following info below:

  • Account number
  • Last 4 digits of the social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Then, press the continue button

Furthermore, as you continue with the Techron Advantage Card account registration. The remaining processes are as follow:

  • Verification
  • Profile setup
  • Lastly, confirmation

Hence, your account setup is ready then you can log in any time of your choice

 Techron Advantage Card Features

Techron Advantage Card has been up and doing to satisfying their customers.

In the process of doing that, they have therefore stated as follows:

That after successful registration of your online account

  • Created your login account login as required
  • Then log in to your account any time to access the following features available to you.
  • Viewing your statement
  • Enroll in an e-bill payment
  • Engaging in a monthly payment of your choice
  • Transactions monitoring

Techron Advantage Card introduced payment as a guest option.

This is a good way to help in solving the challenges people are facing.

Therefore, as a guest visit,

On your login box, you will see ‘’make secure payments, then pay as a guest.

Below is the info required from you

  • Your Card number
  • Last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Zip Code
  • Click the find “account” button
  • Then, select your payment method.

Customer service contacts

Furthermore, Techronadvantage did not only want to satisfy their customers but to amaze them. Thereby, providing customer service contacts. See below:

Monday – Friday: 8am to 12am EST

Call -1-866-893-7864

For stolen or lost of Card

Dial -1-887-295-2080.

We hope this can be of assistant to you in using your Techron Advantage Card. Thanks for taking you time to assimilate this info.

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