Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2024

What are the best ways to make money online in 2024? If you have drafted a plan for the year 2024 or set goals for the year. I am quite sure making money might be part of it. If making money is part of your plans for the year 2024, then I would like to give you a big secret. That is the Best Ways to Make Money Online.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Having a mobile or desktop device and an internet connection aside from using it to chat, browse the net, and socialize online. This could also bring you loads of cash to your account with just a little task. Yes! one of the best places you can make money is online with just your mobile or desktop device and an internet connection. For the Best Ways to Make Money Online Read through to find out.

There are so many ways you can make money online in 2024. From taking online surveys to starting an online store and a lot more you will find out later in this article. All online jobs just require two things which are internet connection and a device (mobile or desktop) and maybe a little start-up cost.

Amazingly online jobs can be done from anywhere and you can also work independently right from your comfort zone. And while you work physically in an office or elsewhere you can still take online jobs as a side hustle to earn extra cash for yourself.

7 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2024

If you have surfed the internet on this topic on Best Ways to Make Money Online. You would discover that there are tons of ways you can make money online both for a short period and also for a long period. Seen different and are not sure of which job to go for? Worry less as I have compiled 7 different and best ways you can earn online and just right from your comfort zone. They include;

Take Up Online Surveys

One of the fastest ways you can earn money online is through online surveys. Yes! Many online survey sites pay and give rewards for every survey taken on their platform. So, you can go to sites and platforms like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and many other legitimate online survey sites to earn.

All you just need to do is take their surveys by completing questionnaires and giving your honest feedback to the market research companies. Then you get paid after meeting up with the daily tasks and completing the number of surveys required of you. Besides, these sites are really in need of survey takers and consumers like you.

Sell Stuff Online As One Of the Best Ways to Make Money Online

Another way you can make money online is by selling items online. You can sell clothes, gadgets, devices, furniture, and even your handmade items online and make money. Online selling can be done simply through your social media platforms and any other online marketplace.

You can even buy the items online as a wholesaler through sites like AliExpress, or from any thrift stores or local garages. Then take pictures of them and advertise on your preferred marketing platform and get that item to a large number of audiences for them to place their order so you can negotiate with them on both the price and the delivery process.

Start a Blog As One Of the Best Ways to Make Money Online

Blogging is yet another legit way you can earn online. So, if you are looking to make money online you can start a blog. You might want to ask “what is a blog?” and “how can I monetize it?”. A blog is a regularly updated web page and is typically handled by an individual or a small group, and is written in an informal or conversational style. Yes! And there are also many ways you can monetize your blog.

  • Using it as a selling and advertising space.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Charging for services.
  • Content creation and many more.

Blogging is so interesting to do and there are lots of opportunities to earn money from it. Once you have brought enough traffic to your site with interesting content you can earn and also do a lot and offer other different types of products and services such as consulting, freelance writing, or even coaching.

Create and distribute an eBook

So, do you have a niche skill or expertise? Documenting an eBook to for sale on either Amazon, Noble or Barnes can earn you some money online. Even aside from using these platforms to sell your eBook, you can also sell them on your blog if you have one.

But you have to first consider if you would like to move with a standard publisher and get your book to as many audience and book lovers as possible. This method is even one great way to make money as not only would you just be using your skills; you don’t need much to start up the business. As you just need a laptop and an internet link.

Play Games and Earn As One Of the Best Ways to Make Money Online

Funny, isn’t it? You can play games and earn well online. There are lots of apps on the internet today that pay you to play video games. So, if you are a gamer, you love games, instead of playing free games on your mobile, you can use your leisure that to play games that would earn you some extra cash. Now is the time for you to turn your gaming session into an opportunity to make money.

Some legit apps you can try that pay for games include; rewarded play, Gamehag, Mistplay, JustPlay, and even Swagbucks. You can download any of these and use them to earn online. But you should note that game apps can’t make you rich but they would just help you earn some extra cash.

Start a YouTube Channel

Do you have something to show the world? Then a YouTube Channel is not a bad idea. Besides at a point, you can monetize it. And that is a way to earn online. To be very honest, this is one side hustle that is giving YouTubers a decent income.

Although making money on YouTube isn’t fast as you would have to reach and have a certain number of subscribers, viewers, and all to start making money with ads. But I think it is a good idea to make money as it brings out the creativity in you and it is also fun and scalable. Also, you get to show the world what you are good at without even paying a dime for it.

Then when people like your content, you get more subscribers and from there start to earn on YouTube. While waiting to start earning, you can try out other ways of earning online and continue even when you have started earning on YouTube then have yourself extra money.

Sell Art and Designs As One Of the Best Ways to Make Money Online

Do you find art fun? Are you good at making nice art and designs? Then after making them, you can sell them online to earn some cool cash. Besides, selling digital products is one of the best ways artists make money online.

However, if you want to make sales of your art and designs, there are platforms you can list them up for sale. Platforms like DeviantArt and Art station. Using these platforms, you can gain exposure to the creative online community and reach potential customers and clients.

Furthermore, aside from DeviantArt and Art station, you can also alternatively sell your artwork and designs independently through another sales channel like your social media account (that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others). Besides social media platforms are said to have lots of visits per day. That way you can get your work to lots of potential clients without any stress.


Aside from the above-mentioned ways of earning online, there are a lot of others that you can try out. Some of them include; Selling Stock Photos and Footage, Doing Voice-Over Work, Selling on online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., and many more. You can select from any of these, start your own business, and earn online.

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