Best Car Insurance for College Students

As a college student, you might want to ask “can I get car insurance coverage?”. The answer to that is yes! but we need to look at what is the Best Car Insurance for College Students. You can get car insurance coverage as a college student for your car. This is because several auto insurance companies are offering this policy to help students and even protect them financially in case of accidents that might require them to spend a lot in the future.

Best Car Insurance for College Students

However, finding and getting the best car insurance as a college student might be difficult. Worry less as we are here to help and have compiled the best car insurance for college students that you can get for your college kid or even for yourself as a college student if you want to apply for one yourself. You can look through the list blow to help you find the Best Car Insurance for College Students.

It is no doubt that college students below the age of 25 tend to cause traffic accidents because of their inexperience behind the wheel. Therefore, to save you from unforeseen expenses caused by accidents it is a good choice to get car insurance. Not just any insurance as we have a list of Best Car Insurance for College Students.

Also, there are cheap car insurance you can get if you want something not too expensive and would match your budget. But keep in mind that locating that might require you to make intense research because no two insurance companies offer the same insurance rates. So, without much ado, let’s get to the best car insurance for college students.

List Best Car Insurance for College Students


If you are looking for the best cheap car insurance to get as a college student. Then I suggest you try out Geico. Geico even though it offers low rates and varieties of discounts, is still ranked as the best insurance company offering auto (car) insurance. As a collect student getting a policy from Geico, while your quotes depend on where you live, the insurance company still consistently offers college-aged drivers low rates for their auto insurance.

Also, if you are a member of any college-centered group like fraternities and sororities, alumni associations, and more, the insurance company also gives you a discount. So, if you are involved in campus activities, there are chances you would receive good and discounted rates. Which make Geico one of the best Car Insurance for College Students. What are you waiting for? Visit Geico insurance, speak with an agent, check your eligibility, and apply for a policy today.


Individuals of the younger generations prefer the use of mobile apps to carry out whatever they want to do on the internet. As it feels easier than making use of web browsers. So, if you want to use a mobile app to access and monitor your car insurance. There is an insurer that offers a mobile app. That is Allstate!

Allstate is an insurance company that offers car insurance coverage for everyone including college students.  They also offer two mobile apps to make accessing your insurance coverage easy and fun. These two apps include Allstate Mobile and Quick trip.

While the Allstate mobile allows its users to access information about their plans, manage their claims, and also connect to an agent easily. You can also file a claim right from the app which is even the best part. And it saves you from long phone calls trying to file a claim. When it is something, you can do with just a few clicks.

The other app which is the Quick Trip app is a trip optimizer. And it saves time and also mileage. While using the app as a driver, you can go to as many places as you wish to visit and the app will help you to find the optimal multistep route for the day. This app would be of good use, benefits, and importance to a college student, especially one with a busy schedule.

Furthermore, aside from the fact that this insurance company offers two easy-to-use mobile apps, it also has a very large network of agents who are available to take your questions and complaints in person. For students that don’t know much about their policies, this can help them to get a better understanding of it. What’s more? Insure with Allstate to find out.

State Farm

Another reliable and reputable Car Insurance company for college students. You can get car insurance for college students From State farm. State Farm is a good insurance company with very high ratings and low customer complaints. The company offers all of its customers a long list of auto insurance discounts but there are special ones reserved for college students that are drivers.

So, if you are eligible for State Farm Insurance as a collage student, the company offers a good student discount that is up to 25% of their annual auto insurance savings. But eligibility for this varies by state and also grade point as state farm requires a student to have a grade point of at least 3.0 out of 4.0 to qualify for this discount.

Fortunately, if you qualify, you get to enjoy this discount till you turn 25. This is one of the things that make State Farm sand out as one of the Best Car Insurance for College Students. Another type of discount state farm offers is the away-at-school discount and which is for students who live on campus where a car isn’t necessary.

Drivers who live about 100 miles away from home get this and also keep their cars at home. However, if you live far from college, to be eligible for For the Best Car Insurance for College Students by State Farm, you can only drive your car while you are at home on a vacation or during any holiday. So, are you under 25? Get an insurance policy from state farm and get to save a lot while you insure your car.


Progressive is yet another good insurance company you can get car insurance coverage for college students from. The insurance company is an average insurer that ranks well in complaints, financial stability, and huge college student discount. The insurance policy they offer is very affordable for most drivers except the college drivers (younger drivers) whose rates are quite expensive. Regardless, Progressive is still a good company to insure your vehicle with as a college student.

Progressive is available in 48 states, and it also has lots of discounts to offer like bundling, multiple vehicles, good students, pay-in-full, safe driving, and lastly paperless. Getting a quote from progressive also offers you unique coverage like custom parts and equipment (CPE).

There are also progressive offers. Right from excellent discounts to loads of benefits. But when it comes to customer satisfaction, they have an average score. Their prices are not expensive and also not cheap for some drivers. Getting college student insurance cost a lot with progressive. However, if you find it affordable, going for an insurance policy from them is a great idea. Trust me there’s great customer satisfaction there.


Farmers is another very good company to get a car insurance policy for college students from. The company is headquartered in California and has been in business ever since 1880. On average, the company’s car insurance policy is roughly at the same level as major insurers regarding price and option availability.

Although its policies for young drivers/ college students are quite expensive, it still offers a lot. Like, add-on coverages in addition to the already available unique ones that include; OEM, glass deductible modification, and lastly custom parts.

What’s more? Farmers works well to meet its customer’s satisfaction but the only issue is that its auto insurance policy is neither cheap nor expensive but the policy for college drivers is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do College Students Get Discounts on Car Insurance?

Yes, college students get discounts on their car insurance. Moreover, there are so many insurance companies that offer a long list of discounts to college students that they can be eligible for at least one. Typically, some of these discounts come in form of grad cash but the program varies widely by automakers.

At What Age is Car Insurance the Cheapest and Why?

At age 25. Why? This is because it is believed that once young drivers attain the age of 25, they have more experience. So, the cost of their policy drops to about 33%. However, if they still use that insurance as they grow, once they attain the age of 50, they get the best rates. But around 60, the cost begins to increase again compared to what they pay when they were younger.

Which Gender Pays More for Car Insurance and Why?

Men. Why? They tend to pay more for their Car Insurance because according to statistics crashes involving men are more severe. While it is also known that women tend to be safer drivers than men. But the difference between their insurance policy cost is about 1%.

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