Outlook Email – Sign Up & Send Emails

Do you know you can sign up and send emails on Outlook Email? Firstly, If you are wondering how to sign up and send emails on outlook email, you are about to learn how to do it. Outlook email is a general and global cloud-based email platform that allows all its users to work efficiently with multiple features. However, all users can manage various task outlets with the email, contacts, calendar, and more features available on Outlook.

Outlook Email - Sign Up and Send Emails

Furthermore, you are bound to get the most out of email activities when you use Outlook email. Without a doubt, it helps you be more productive and enhances your task performance. In addition, Outlook is the most preferred email service that is used in the sending and receiving of emails from various other sources. Additionally, if you are new to Outlook and you want to make the most of it, you are surely going to learn all the best effective steps to take on how you can begin.

Features Of The Outlook Email

There are tons of amazing cool features that Outlook possesses. Also, these features are what make using this email platform so reliable and easy. Some of the best features that Outlook has includes:

  • Using Multiple Accounts
  • Access cool tools like Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, etc.
  • Also, you can create and join groups
  • You can send emails from multiple email addresses
  • Moreover, you can schedule appointments with the Calendar function
  • Outlook provides up to 99 gigabytes of archiving data
  • You can easily set up automatic replies
  • Email Scheduling
  • File attachments reminder
  • Search helps you easily find information

There are tons of other cool features that make Outlook what it is today.  As long as you have an Outlook account, it is easy to gain access to all these amazing features and more.

How To Sign Up for An Outlook Email Account To Send Mails

If you are interested in getting the most out of Outlook email, then this is the right place to be. Here’s how you can easily create an Outlook email account:

  • First, you must visit the official sign-up page at https://outlook.live.com/owa/?authRedirect=true
  • Click on the Create free account button
  • On the next prompt page, you will have to choose a username for your new account
  • Ensure that you select a username that is easy to remember. If you want to create an Outlook for business purposes, ensure that the name is professional
  • Once you have done that, click Next.
  • Now, you will have to create a password for the account
  • Click Next.
  • You will provide your first and last name
  • Tap on Next to proceed
  • Next, you will have to enter your Country/region
  • Also, enter your Birthdate
  • Click the Next button
  • Moreover, you will have to verify that you are a person. Follow the onscreen direction to complete the process
  • Click the Next button again

Finally, you will be welcomed to the new page where your account is successfully created.

How To Sign Up And Add An Account To Outlook

Here’s what you should do:

  • First, Open the Outlook email
  • Select File> Add Account
  • Enter your email address
  • Select Continue
  • If you know your screen looks different, enter your name and email address
  • Then, you enter your password
  • Select Next
  • Tap on Finish

And Voila, that’s how you succeed in adding an account to Outlook.

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