How To Denoise My TikTok Videos

If you are new to TikTok or haven’t been so active on the platform, it will be impossible to know all about its features. This is justifiable! You just need time to study the app. Moreover, a proper continuous study of the app will ease so many pains. One of these features will be how to denoise your TikTok videos.

How To Denoise My TikTok Videos

It hasn’t been up to two years since I created an account on TikTok and I can tell you for free that if you are a good content creator, you should try having a TikTok account. This is because TikTok over the years has proven to have a good traffic algorithm.

Furthermore, it is one thing to know how to create videos on TikTok, but it is a better thing to know how to create quality videos on TikTok and one of the best ways to create quality videos on TikTok is by knowing how to denoise videos on TikTok.

Why Denoise TikTok Videos

In case you wonder why there is a need to denoise TikTok videos, it is simply because no one wants to keep listening to or watching a poorly recorded video. If you have a poorly recorded video, there is no way you will keep a good audience on your platform, except if they are heavy metal rock music lovers. Ok! That was an expensive joke.

However, I just want you to understand how unpleasant a noisy video looks. Hence, there is a need to denoise your videos especially if you are recording from your smartphone.

How To Find Denoise Features

Going further, before we talk about how to denoise your TikTok video sounds, first, you must know that this feature is not a permanent feature on TikTok. The denoise feature comes to your phone if you are consistently making videos on TikTok, original videos. So, if all you do on TikTok is lip sync, you may not get this feature anytime soon. You must start creating original videos on TikTok for up to five days, then the denoise sound feature will be available to your account.

Step By Step Method To Create TikTok Videos

Without further ado, if you have consistently created original videos on TikTok, I believe by now you should have the ‘Denoise’ feature on your TikTok account. Here is how to denoise your TikTok videos;

  • Login to your Tiktok account on your smartphone.
  • Create a video by clicking on the ‘+’ sign found at the bottom center of your TikTok first page.
  • Select the duration you want your video to last: 15s, the 60s, or 1m. The (s) represents seconds while the (m) represents minutes.
  • You must either speak by telling a story, sharing an experience, or asking a question. If you have motivating speeches and words, you can also share them. Mind you, being sarcastic is also a good idea.

How To Remove Background Noise From TikTok Videos

You can choose to upload a downloaded video or create a video of you singing or speaking with original sound. Moreso, you can choose to upload an already recorded video on Tiktok.

  • Once you are done with the video, save it by clicking on the white thick sign on a red circle background.
  • You will be taken to the next phase where you can either decide to directly post the video on your story or timeline.
  • Look at the far right of your screen, you will see lots of video editing features on the page.
  • Look at option six with the ‘Noise Reducer’ name found below a music wave sign.
  • Once you click on it, the video sound is automatically reduced and then you can get clear sound from the video you have created.
  • After this is done, you can post your video by clicking on ‘Next’.

What can be more satisfying than having a quality video record? Well, nothing absolutely! With the guides above, you can have good original sounds on your TikTok videos.

Furthermore, you can also tag friends, and create or use existing ash tags on your video. With the process explained above, you can create as many videos as you want. Ensure you denoise them before posting, especially if you didn’t record with a professional microphone.

In conclusion, if you want to denoise a video that you have recorded using the TikTok noise reducer feature. Simply, upload it and follow the step-by-step guide above.

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