Bus Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply

Are you a foreigner who is in search of a bus driver job in the USA with visa sponsorship.  This is the right page to get all information on how to apply for a bus driver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. As a Bus driver In the USA you are expected to earn an average salary range of about $13.69 to $27.88 every hour. This is associated with a monthly income of about $2,191 to $4,464 and a salary of about $30,952 to $63,053 yearly.  The figures earned are based on Research based on different companies in the USA.

Bus Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

A Bus driver job is a lucrative job that gives you so many opportunities. And make you earn high. This particular skill doesn’t require degree certificate. So far you have the skill, experience and a driver’s license from the states.

Who is a Bus Driver?

A  Bus driver is a person that conveys or transport passengers or goods from one place to another. They could be school Bus driver, a person conveys people to work, transport goods to shopping malls.

Duties or Responsibilities of Bus Driver (full time or part-time)

There are various duties of a bus driver that will be listed below. So that you can know your job responsibilities as a Bus driver when applying for job in USA with visa sponsorship.

  1. Perform a complete DOT inspection of vehicle to be driven inside and outside.
  2. Gas or fuel the bus.
  3. Keep the inside and outside of the bus clean – sweep daily, empty garbage, wash windows, etc.
  4. Start scheduled route, field trip, athletic runs, etc. on time. Arrive early to allow loading of passengers and equipment.
  5. Report all vehicle problems and accidents immediately to the Director of Transportation.
  6. Attend State Safety School and State Bus Inspection.
  7. Communicate professionally and effectively with schools, students, parents, law enforcement officers and to the public.
  8. Prepare physically and mentally to perform safety sensitive functions daily.
  9. Maintain and demonstrate a helpful, positive and pleasant attitude toward co-workers, students, parents, school personnel and the public.

Benefits of Working Bus Driving Jobs in the United States of America with Sponsored Visa

There are some interesting benefit you earn as Bus driver in USA with visa sponsorship. Which includes:

  • Experience good Medical, Dental, vision and prescription coverage
  • Good Retirement Plan and Benefits
  • Parental leave
  • Employer-Paid Life Insurance
  • Generous vacation coverage.

Requirements to Become a United States Bus Driver with Sponsored Visa.

High School Diploma or GED Preferred

Valid Driver’s License required

Must be able to pass a drug test

Must pass physical examination

No at fault accidents in the last 5 years

Clean driving record

Excellent Communication Skills

Able to use a GPS navigation device.

Type of Visa to Apply for to Get USA Bus Driving Visa Sponsorship Job; H-2B & H-1B Visa

Note the type of visa used,  to get  bus driver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship  and the kind of visa to apply for.

  • Sponsorship Visa

This visa is also known as H-1B visa whereby the company sponsors your travel expenses or a sponsor from family.

  • Temporary work visa

Asa non – immigrant worker applying for bus driver job in USA, you need to apply for a temporary visa by using H-2B Visa to get a bus driver job in USA for you to earn a living.

Where to Find Bus Driving Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Below are genuine job website where you can find Bus driver jobs in USA with visa sponsorhip.





How to Apply for a Bus Driving Work in USA with Sponsored Visa

There are several Bus driver jobs you can apply for in the USA with Visa sponsorship. In here I will be giving you detailed steps to apply and get bus driver jobs in USA.

  • Firstly, have a well detailed and standard CV that  shows your skills, experience and educational background.
  • Using the job websites above, on search bar. Search for Bus driver job in USA with Visa Sponsorship.
  • Put location in United States
  • Apply for Bus driver job in USA with visa sponsorship that fits what is in your cv
  • Once the employer is interested in your standard CV
  • Employer sends a petition for sponsorship to the United States citizenship of immigration service.
  • Submit the labor condition application to the DOL to get your certificate.
  • Then Register for the USA citizenship immigration service for the EW-3 lottery selection process
  • Complete by submitting 1 -129 forms to USICS for beneficiaries.
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