Best Notification Apps For iPhone

What is the best notification app for an iPhone? Everyone knows the stress that comes with many tasks that need attention. Not to even talk about it oftentimes the forgetfulness of such tasks. When we are unable to complete such tasks, they simply carry over to the next day and add even more pressure on our daily activities. Well, what if as an iPhone user, there are applications that can help you stay productive, and stay updated on incoming tasks? Moreso, grant you free more time to attend to every other task you want to carry out.

Best Notification Apps  For iPhone

If you are doubting such ideas or are unsure of what they are, this article will be listing some of the best notification apps that you can use on your iPhone. If you have been looking for the best notification app, we have made a good list of the ones you should consider getting on your phone.

Due – Notification App For iPhone

If you are looking for a good notification app, one of your best options is Due. Due works specifically as a Reminder app, allowing you to add reminders for anything. Along with adding a reminder, you can also add a due time and date for the set options.

In addition to this, you can keep snoozing the set reminder for 10 minutes and even the next day if possible. However, Due will keep up with the reminder until you succeed in completing that task.

Due works as an amazing application in keeping you up to date with your reminder and motivating you to complete tasks.

Any.Do Notification App For iPhone

If you are looking for another application that will greatly help you in solving problems with reminders and more, is the perfect option to work with. This is another alternative app that you can use on your iPhone when it comes to notifications.

Furthermore, works in creating a list of everything you need, organizing all tasks in a chronological timeline, using geolocation to help you set reminders to set off when you are close to a store, etc.

Even better, you can set up tasks with on your iOS devices, web, Apple Watch, etc. Also, you can subscribe to the Pro subscription which starts at about $2.99 a month. You even get to unlock more amazing features.

Remember The Milk Notification App For iPhone

As funny as this name is, The Remember The Milk application is one of the best choices for a notification app for smart and busy people. With this application, you will never forget performing even the tiniest tasks that always skip your mind. What you can do with this app is simply add the tasks that you want to get done. Once the due time or date is closed, you will get a notification either by text, Twitter, IM, email, mobile, etc. You have absolutely no more excuses for why you can get simple tasks done anymore.

Furthermore, your RTM account is what syncs all your data across other devices. Hence, you can even share lists with others to stay updated. Also, you can sign up for the subscription package which costs about $39.99 a year, and unlock more amazing features. Such features include color tags, Unlimited storage, file attachments on tasks, etc. Still, you can use Remember The Milk without a subscription. 

Clear – Notification App For iPhone

Clear is another notification app for iPhones that follows through with its name. If you want simplicity in organizing to operating the app, it is very easy to do so with Clear. Clear works with an interface that imitates the old ways of writing down tasks on paper and crossing it off when completed. Clear promote that method in a modern way.

You can simply create a large number of lists for everything and even add items with gestures.  Also, all items can be written with a due date and time. It will surely come around to alert you with a notification when due. Once completed, simply strike it off as done. Also, Clear syncs with Apple’s Reminders and is available for $4.99.

Fantastical 2 – Notification App For iPhone

This app is also a calendar app. However, it has an amazing integration with the Reminders app, if you wish to use it.  Fantastical 2 is another perfect choice for a notification app on iPhone because it enables you to see your entire schedule for the whole week or month.

 In fact, new reminders can easily be created from the Fantastical app itself so you don’t need to go straight to the Reminders app. In addition, the Fantastical app is available for download on the iPhone for $1.99 and $2.99 on iPad.


If you are looking for a notification app where you can spend less time organizing and more time actually doing something, get the Todoist app. In this application, Todoist actually learns your habits and helps you stick with them easily as it makes it more fun like a game.

Also, you can add reminders and asks more quickly through the ‘Quick Add’ feature. In addition, you can also see when you were most productive in the last week, and it also prioritizes certain items over others. Also, Todoist is free to download and use, but you might be faced with some limitations. You can still choose to go Pro with this app.

Microsoft To-Do

Another great option to add to the list of notification apps for an iPhone would be the Microsoft To-Do. This is a super-sufficient app that allows you to work anywhere from your iPhone, or iPad to your Computer. What you can do is create lists for anything that you need and easily add items as you go. Furthermore, it also has a Smart Suggestion feature that easily learns your habits. Microsoft To-Do helps you fill out your items over time. This will greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend.

In addition, Microsoft To-Do also does subtasks. You can easily add notes to every task that you want to complete. It also works as a note-taking app if you so wish. Nearing the due dates and time assigned to such tasks, you will be sent notifications of when they are to be completed. Also, the  Microsoft To-Do app is completely free to use and you don’t need to work with a subscription model.

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