Walmart Black Friday deals 2023

Walmart Black Friday deals 2023

Walmart black Friday deals is here again this year 2023. It is an exciting moment where you can shop your desired products on Walmart at a reduced or discounted price. Walmart black Friday deals is inspired by the Friday after thanksgiving in United States where online stores display their products on a huge discount price. This has encouraged customers to buy online form this online stores. Walmart black Friday deals starts “8 November to 24 November 2023”.

Walmart Black Friday deals 2023

Walmart black Friday deals will enable so many customers to buy big brands products at a reduced price. The black Friday percent discount is based on the store and how popular the product is. Customers purchase products ranging from toys, home appliances, clothing, shoes and accessories, baby items at a very huge discount price.

Note: Note: Its always better you order for your products within the first 24 hours of product display, to get the best price discount.

What is Black Friday deals?

Just as the name implies, Black Friday is the Friday after thanksgiving in the United States of America. It unofficially starts the beginning of Christmas shopping season in the United States of America. Various online and work in stores promotes their products on discount sales. They open early as midnight or on Thanksgiving Day.” Date for black Friday in the USA is Friday 24 November 2023”. But the black Friday deals date varies from different stores.  While other stores have their date duration. You can check our previous article on our page to know other dates for different online stores.

What day is Walmart black Friday deals?

Walmart black Friday deal started “8 November till 24 November. So therefore the exciting deals are Live now. Hurry now!!! To Walmart online store to purchase your products you have always wanted to buy at a very huge discount. Sign up into Walmart store website to get updated on recent exciting deals. In other for you not miss any update on their deals , subscribe to Walmart online store   notification so as to get notified on any discounted products of your choice.

How Much Percent is off on Black Friday deals ?      

The percentage off on black Friday deal depends on how popular the products are and the store you are purchasing the product from.  More popular products can have a less discount than non-popular products. The average percentage of products during black Friday sales is 40% discount price.

Note:  This discount price does not cut across all online stores. Visit Walmart online store website to get huge discount prices on your favourite products. 

Best Black Friday Deals You Can Shop On Walmart In 2023

This are the following category of products you are getting discount price on for Walmart black Friday deal. We have;


Home and furniture and appliances

Toys and video Games

Baby products

Kid’s products


Household essentials

Seasonal décor and party supplies

Sports and outdoor

Patio and Garden



Personal care

Auto and tires

Pharmacy, health and wellness.

School, offices and art supplies

Gift cards

Movies, music and books

How do I get early access to Walmart Black Friday?

Walmart exclusive deals starts Live online November 8 at 3pm ET, in stores November 10 at 6am local.  You can also get a Walmart+ membership for 50% off, do subscribe, to be the first to shop Walmart’s Black Friday deals when they are live on their online store.

In conclusion: get ready to purchase your product at a very huge discount. Put on your notification on, by subscribing to Walmart online store newsletter which is free, so as to get recent updates on products.

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