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Taxify is globally known as a ride-hailing company that provides personalized transportation to people around the world. It is a company that has the backing of brands like Daimler and Didi and is on a fast pace growth in the business of transportation. However, the business brand is officially rebranding its name to be called Bolt. Furthermore, the purpose of rebranding such names tells their plans to extend their services beyond private car transportation. Users around the world make use of the services provided to them for public transportation. It just presents itself in the form of private transport.


Since the launch of Taxify, there have been various futuristic plans for all their purposes of transportation. They have surpassed further thresholds and provide services to Scooter service.


Many features of Taxify are so useful to all its users in this modern world. These features are so handy in everyday transactions and are beneficial to whatever purposes you want to drive. Some of the best features that Taxify has:

  • There are cheaper ride fees available there
  • There are multiple car options
  • It charges lower commissions
  • It possesses a Built-in SOS Button
  • It promises safety and Confidence to all its users
  • A perfect option to select if you are looking for a ride-hailing service
  • You have the choice to select any car of your choice
  • Cancellation fee is so affordable and in most cases not even required
  • Various payment options
  • The downloading of the app is free of charge

Taxify FAQs

Below are the answers to most of the questions that have been lots of people ask about Taxify. Check them all, you will definitely get the answer you seek for;

Are Taxify And Bolt The Same?

If you are using a Taxify app, there isn’t any need to download any new app. If you are a driver using the app, or a passenger using it, it is really the same thing. The app that you already have on your phone will change from Taxify on the app. 

How Does It Work?

As we all know, Taxify does a good job of providing rides to people who wish to book one. In addition, it is very safe, swift and affordable to use as an option.  If you would like to learn how Taxify works, it’s very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Open the Taxify (Bolt) Application and confirm your current location
  • Next, you will order a car to come to pick you up
  • Once the car arrives, you get to see your driver face to face
  • Get in and enjoy the smooth and easy ride until you get to your destination
  • Then, you pay in-app or in cash to the driver

All those are the easy steps to follow on how you can use Taxify to take care of your transportation needs.

Is Taxify Cheaper Than The Uber Ride?

One of the major positive things about Taxify is that it has a lower fee and commission than other rides. The company charges about 15 percent more commissions to other drivers. This comparingly is lower than Uber. In addition to this, drivers can also earn more from cheaper fees.

How Do I Request A Bolt Offline?

It is possible for you to actually request a ride without even being online. This could be a really useful tip in the case of emergencies. If you want to do so, all you have to do is simply visit your Taxify account with your phone number. You will log in using their mobile site at Also, you should know that this option only works if cash payments are available in your city.

Can I Pay Cash For Bolt(Taxify)?

If you are using the Bolt app, you can choose to either pay via -App payment or by cash. So, it is possible for you to pay cash to the driver during or after the ride. Furthermore, if you select cash payment as an option in the app, do note that you cannot change it any further.

What Countries Is Taxify Available In?

Taxify is currently available in about 25 countries globally and easily accessible too.  Some of these countries include Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Latvia, Ghana, Czech, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Iraq, Tanzania, Ukraine, Georgia, Malta, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Poland, Romania, France, Lithuania, Kenya, Estonia, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Where Can I Reach Out To Taxify?

It could be very easy to get all your problems solved and questions answered if you simply follow them on their social media handles. You can simply get in touch with them via, and You can also follow them on Facebook at or on Twitter.

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