MyMail App For Mobile Phones

MyMail is a reliable email service that easily allows you to manage all your various email accounts at once with ease. Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Hotmail, you can manage all those accounts using MyMail. This platform is well-equipped to handle all mail providers as well as POP3 or IMAP-enabled mailboxes.

In addition to this, MyMail also contributes to making your communication with others super swift and user-friendly. You can use the MyMail app to easily work with all your other email accounts and also communicate with others.


Furthermore, this app gives you access to read, reply and forward messages, preview messages, and add and view attachments. It also doesn’t hinder the process of other apps running on your mobile devices. All you need to work with this platform is your email login and password.

Is It Free To Use?

Everyone can easily use the My Mail app to manage all their email accounts in one place. Still, you will need to pay a fee to use the myMail app on your devices. It is not completely free to use on the App Store.

Features Of The MyMail App

There are so many good features about the MyMail that makes tons of other people use this email service. Simply, it has tons of advantages that make it worthwhile. Here are the features of the MyMail app:

  • You can browse files directly from the app and include them as attachments
  • It supports all popular email services
  • The app has push notifications for your mail account. You can customize this to fit your work schedule and other activities so much better
  • You can easily navigate through all your inbox with contacts’ avatars and icons
  • Furthermore, you can search through all local and server contacts such as Outlook, Gmail, and many more.
  • MyMail app sets up IMAP. SMTP and POP settings for most host domains
  • You can easily create a unique email signature
  • Also, you can organize your mailbox by moving to spam, flagging, and deleting your messages

In addition, it also provides a clean interface that makes it so easy for users to work with.

How Can I Connect Other Email Accounts To The MyMail App?

You can easily connect your other email accounts to the MyMail app either using your Android or iOS device. If you want to connect an email account that supports POP3/IMAP, here’s what to do:

  • Click the icon of your email provider first or select OTHER if your provider isn’t on the list
  • Next, login into your email account with your email address and password
  • Select the Sign In icon
  • As long as your login credentials are accurate, you will see your inbox from your mailbox

That is how you can easily add an email account to the myMail app.

Why Can’t I Log Into MyMail?

If you are finding it difficult to log into your MyMail app, there are logical reasons why that must be so. First, you might be entering incorrect login details. This is one factor that will hinder you from signing in.

Next, you could be facing a problem with your mobile app or web browser. Another factor to consider is technical or security issues, You can try troubleshooting to fix the technical problems and reach out to their support for help.

How To Add An Email Account To The App?

If you want to add an email account of yours to the myMail app, it has to be one that you use frequently. Still, here’s what to do:

  • Open your Android phone or tablet
  • Visit your device’s settings app on Google
  • Scroll to the top and click on Personal Info
  • Under the Contact info, tap on Email
  • Tap on Contact email next
  • Click the Add another email
  • Proceed to enter an email address you have and click on Add
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