How to make money Online and earn in dollars in Nigeria

How to make money Online and earn in dollars in Nigeria

Are you interested in making a minimum of $100 to $2000 Monthly online? There are several ways you can make money online and earn in dollars in Nigeria. Due to inflation of goods and services. People need to earn in dollars so they can meet up with their needs. Read through the article, for you to know online business that will make earn in dollars. According to research people earn a minimum of $100 per month. And maximum of millions of dollars per month. There is a case where a boy of 17years earns $3000 every month. Making money online is the surest way to becoming financially free when you put in the work.

How to make money Online and earn in dollars in Nigeria

As a student, fresh graduate, professional worker, unskilled, skilled workers are capable of doing this online businesses because its flexible, that is you are self-employed. You are not really committed to an employer.

How To Make Money online and get paid in dollars from Nigeria

Getting in paid in dollars in Nigeria, is another way of becoming financially free and an exciting one. Below are genuine online jobs you can do to make money in dollars in Nigeria.


Jobs site such as fiverr and up work are good freelancing site where you earn in dollars and in any other currency. This where a freelancer shows his proof of work of a particular project to be done. Once the owner of the project, finds your project interesting to work with. Then he or she contacts you. Let me as well put this to your notice, during registration in any of the freelancing website above. You will be prompted with what kind skills you want to showcase. So that your employers can meet you or as well you can write a proposal of a particular project to your employer. And as well some categories of job will be popped up to you once you identify your skill. One benefit about freelancing is that you are self-employed and its flexible .You are not committed to your employer.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

This gives an opportunity of working from home or remotely and earn in dollars. A virtual assistant is someone who helps customers with their daily task, perform administrative work, emails management, administrative work and social media management.  It is a skill that is highly demanded by companies. And other great way to earn money online. You can see virtual assistant jobs in jobs websites in different locations like up Work, indeed, glassdoor, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter. Flexjob.


E-commerce is another great way of earning in dollars. To make money using an e-commerce platform, you can create your own store on any of this e-commerce platform such as Esty, Amazon.  Then if you are Nigeria e-commerce site such as jumia, konga etc. you can aswell make money too by creating your own store and sell your products.

Amazon Kdp

Amazon kdp is another sure way to earn in dollars, where by  you create your own store , create your book and sell it to your target Audience on Amazon. Your customers get your book and pay you in dollars. Your book can be a story of your life, education or titled something that can impact positively to your targeted audience.

Content Creation

Talents are creating on Contents on social media from music, drama, tutorials, entertainment, news and comedy are really making money and earning in high amount of money in dollars online. Platforms that pay in dollars are Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Where by you build a dedicated fanbase that love your contents. With the lifestyle of some content creators, we can say that is a great way to make money.


Is a way to of creating a high quality articles, photo post and having your target audience to draw traffic to your page. This is a great way to make money in dollars. Once you have gotten the requirement, you get monetized by google AdSense or get money through advertising people’s product.   Once you start having a great traffic to your blog site, you can as well recommend other people’s product and get commission on sales or introduce a sponsored post to your audience.

Selling online courses and Tutorials.

Selling your quality courses and tutorials done by you can be sold on platforms like Udemy, coursera and earn in huge amounts in dollar. You can as well have a live chat session in case your students have questions to ask you. You can sign-up as a tutor and upload quality tutorial content on the platforms above for your student to get access to. And always encourage your students to leave their review ratings, so as other student will have reasons to buy your course. You can teach courses like video editing, cloud, software programming, and baking, graphic design and so on.

Online Transcription

As a transcriber, you convert spoken words into text which is done by you. Enter into job websites like upwork, glassdoor and indeed and search for transcriber job. Work remotely or onsite and earn a wagely income of $30 per hour. That is a great side hustle for anyone so far you hear and pen down the language spoken.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another easy way to make money online and earn in dollar in Nigeria and any other currency. This where you need a product to promote for a genuine and reputable company. The company gives you some % of commission of the products they influence. Influencers drops the link of product on their platform, so their audience can click. And they some commission for sales of that product. As an influencer or brand ambassador, make enquiry about the company and product you are about to influence to know if it’s genuine. This happens, if you have high amount of followers and the engagement on your platform, company’s reach out to you to influence their product.

Crypto Trading

According to research, Africans tops in crypto trading. You can start earning in crypto as low as investing  500naira. You earn from crypto by buying from an exchange that sells at a low price and trade it with an exchange  that accept cryptocurrency in higher currency. This can be done by anyone even without  background skill

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