How to create a website without a coding experience – Easy and fast


People tend to think you can build a website without using some programming languages. This article will teach you how to create a website from scratch without having a coding background neither a computer science degree.

You can reach out to billions of people with just one click, and people will know more about you or your business

 A website allows you to reach out to a wide range of people in any country. As a business person, individual or a company, it is of importance you have a website where people can know more about your business.  A website is used to build a portfolio of a person or a company. In general it is used for business purpose.

how to create a website without coding

Below are step by step guides to build a website without knowing how to code

How to Create a Website without Coding experience

Define your Objective

Before you create a website, you should know what the website is used for. Are you using it for a personal portfolio or blog or a business.

You should have the following understanding of why you are building a website

  • What will your website deliver?
  • Who is consuming the content of your website, and what audience do you want to attract to your website?.

If you have an answer to this then you know the kind of website to build and who your target audience is for your website, then move to the next step.

Get  Web Hosting

Select a reliable web host so as to prevent your website going down. A web host is a service that enables your website to be published on the internet and as well be seen by the world.

There are several types of web hosting which are

Shared hosting: this kind of hosting is affordable compared to other type of hosting. It provides server that is your website shares a particular server with other websites.

The advantage of shared hosting it is affordable, which is good for small websites

But this has its disadvantage, because there is a lot of workload on the server, which can make your website run slow.

Dedicated hosting

It is suitable for bigger business that has outgrown VPS hosting and if you want to be in control and be free from down size servers, dedicated hosting is for you.

A physical server is assigned to your website. It offers   full control of your web server and it is the most expensive type of web hosting. Dedicated hosting is suitable for large business or companies or ecommerce site who have outgrown vps or shared hosting.

Vps hosting

This is suitable for businesses that has outgrown shared hosting and not in need of dedicated server.

This vps hosting is a virtual server which is a portion of a physical server. But its more expensive than the shared server

Vps server is faster and more expensive than  the shared hosting and it enables you to customize your website according to your needs. It can be used by a business with a growing audience.

Best Web Hosting for Creating Websites

There are different types of hosting company, but I will recommend Hostiger because it has great features and it enables you to host your WordPress website. And as well affordable.

Note: we are creating a website without coding experience, Hostiger will help an easy set-up to your WordPress website.

Get a domain name

A domain name is a unique identity name to your website.  Just like you see on your browser or URL.

Important factor to note when selecting a domain name

  • Your domain should be easy to remember and short, easy to mention without spelling it.
  • Domain name extension (.com, .net. org): the .com extension is more common, and people the extension than others. popular app like YouTube and google uses a .com extension

However, the extension depends on availability, price, requirement and the industry using it.

  • Install the Right CMS

Now that you have a domain name, you can create a website using content management system. A CMS is a software application that helps you create and manage a website without having a coding experience. Create a website using just using a WordPress application.

  • Choose Best Page Builder

A page builder determines how we build our websites. Anyone can build a website using page builder without the use of a developer. Combined with themes and plugins, page builder has made it easy to design our WordPress website even complex website.

 Page builder enables you to drag and drop layout in place and customise it to your choice.  Instead of learning to write codes, page builder uses drag and drop blocks and customise as you want. There are various types of page builders, which are

Elementor is a very good option because it has many powerful features which is compatible to different recent WordPress themes such as Astra.  And it is very popular compared to other page builders.


Beaver Builder also has lots of options but is recently updated so the interface can be easy to use. Is not as popular as elementor but not still far based on popularity.

Gutenberg is not really a page builder but it’s a block editor but it does a similar job to a page builder.  It comes as a default editor in WordPress. It is a choice for just a simple task that involve a minor change.

Brizy   is also a page builder that is capable but doesn’t have the depth and breadth of elementor.  It’s coming up to speed but not as popular as elementor.

Spectra is a free page builder plugin that is good for customizing Gutenberg templates. WordPress works well with spectra. It is an easy way to increase the default options with Gutenberg.

Build Your Website

Now that you have a domain name and hosted it. And you have your page builder. This an opportunity to create and design your website. One funny thing is, with WordPress, you won’t write a single code. With your Themes and plugins will do the great job with functionality and layout. Even if it’s a complicated website design.

So let’s look at themes and plugins.

So you will be building your website using themes and plugins.

WordPress themes are files that is in charge of the overall appearance of the WordPress website. This takes charge of   graphics, stylesheets, layout, fonts and overall color schemes. Creativity and some ideas are needed to use these themes to build very good website in just few minutes.


I will be talking about Astra theme. Astra comes with many website templates theme that helps create diverse of website such as portfolio, e-commerce  or online learning platform. With Astra theme you can perform this. It cost effective, high performance, easy to use and easy to install. There are been positive ratings and reviews about Astra.

WordPress Plugins is a software that adds functionality and diversity to the WordPress websites. For example building ecommerce websites needs to install woo- Commerce plugin, so you can turn your website to an e-commerce store.

woo commerce

If you want to build a portfolio or just a simple contact form, you can check for contact or portfolio plugins to create your website successfully.

Thousands of plugins to choose from to build a particular website. You can use these themes and plugins to build your website.

7. Prepare Your Content

Now that you know the plugins and themes to use. Start now to prepare your kind of content you are putting on your website. Talk about your business, stories, and highlight customer’s reviews. Show your best products for customers to see. Upload image, videos, articles, blog post or any other thing that would be relevant to your business.

Publish Your Website

You can showcase your website to the world . once the website is live and can be viewed by customers. Promote using different social media like Google ads, YouTube and through email marketing. You can write articles with your website to draw traffic to your website. Is all about consistency and as well doing ads promotion, so you can begin to grow.

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