How To Contend a False Insurance Claim

How To Contend a False Insurance Claim – Insurance fraud is now a prevailing problem across every country. Users file millions of auto insurance claims each day – most of which are legitimate. Over the years, there has always been a punishment mitted out to individuals who entangle themselves in another person’s fraud attempt.

How To Contend a False Insurance Claim

False insurance claims are illegitimate claims fired at insurance companies, which is a serious crime that comes with more than a year of punishment in prison in the U.S. It’s best to evaluate your claim before logging it in with an insurance firm. Filling an illegal claim to defraud an insurance company as a way to obtain money from them is called insurance fraud.

How to Contend a False Insurance Claim

Here are the proactive steps to Context any false insurance claim when you suspect that the other driver is trying to make a false claim against you. Either by making their injuries seem worse than it is or placing the accident blame on them. Or when it was completely their fault or involving you in an accident you have little or no knowledge of.  These are the steps to take:

  • Write down the details of the accident.

Write down the whole details of the accident, from where it occurred, the day it occurred, the people that were involved, whatever was said by you or the other parties after the incident, and the number of injuries reported at the time of the crash.

  • Do a proper online Investigation.

The driver’s social media profile helps you decertify any false claim against you as it will be thoroughly examined by your attorney to get evidence that they have been faking or trying to make a false claim against you by making their injuries seem worse than it is.

For example, if the driver is claiming to have broken their leg in the accident, but after you properly examine their profile, you figure out that they’re still working their labor-intensive jobs or going about their lives.

  • Hire an investigator.

In a situation where the driver’s social media profile is not helpful, you can hire a private investigator to help get more evidence that the other driver is making their injuries seem worse than it is. But it’s best to check with your attorney if this is a smart move for your case.

Working with an Attorney to Contend a False Insurance Claim

When you learn that someone has submitted a false insurance claim against you. Hiring an attorney is a very good idea. Hiring an attorney ensures that the case is being handled strategically from a legal perspective. And won’t make any mistakes that would hurt your case, and make you guilty.

Those without car insurance, or those whose insurance company might likely decide not to defend because they were not alerted of the claim in time, didn’t have valid insurance coverage during the time of the accident, should have an attorney on their side.

  1. Your attorney helps with the gathering of evidence to show that the other party is trying to make a false claim against you by making their injuries seem worse than it is.
  2. Your attorney stands in as your defendant in the court during the personal injury lawsuit
  3. Helps in recovering the damages lost during the fraudulence act.

These are the steps your attorney can take to help you Contend a false claim against you. By understanding this, you’d make the right decision when a false insurance claim is filed against you.

Can your Insurance Defend you?

If the case is a personal injury lawsuit filed by the other drivers, then your insurance company will defend you by providing legal counsel. But this defense duty may not apply to cases like:

  1. If the insurance company didn’t get a heads-up concerning the accident within their time frame
  2. You have exceeded your limit under your policy

As long as you don’t fall under these two categories. Then your insurance company will help you defend against a personal injury lawsuit- especially if you are not found guilty of the claims placed on you.

Can you sue the other party?

Yes, when you Contend the other party’s fraudulent insurance claim. You can then sue them for the stress and financial losses caused by their fraudulent act. This you can do by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them. This means you’re suing them for punitive damages, which are the punishment for the other party’s malice, fraud, or oppression.

If they don’t have many assets, your lawsuit against them may not be successful. This is because the damages would come from their bank account.

It’s advised you talk to your attorney about whether suing for insurance fraud will make sense. Or you carry out basic research on the other party’s background. This will help you know if seeing them will be successful or not.

How much compensation can you secure?

Your financial losses could be recovered from the fraudulent accident if the personal injury lawsuit you file is successful. The compensation will cover the following; damages to your vehicles, the times you went off work, and the legal fees. Non-economic expenses like emotional distress, or anguish; Theses can be evaluated and calculated by your attorney.

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