Graphic Designer Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Graphic Designer Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Experienced graphic designers with 2 to 3 years can get a graphic designer job in USA with visa sponsorship. In this article, we cover all that is required, the hourly and monthly earning. Work internationally and gain accommodation in the USA just by applying for a graphics designer job in USA. The need for workers is on the rise in USA. So you can’t afford to miss trying out to apply for your dream job. The most beautiful benefit of visa sponsorship jobs is that in most cases, applicants could get free accommodation in the USA.

The offer comes with a whole lot of advantages to applicants but first, you must be able to know how to apply for these jobs, the job responsibilities, where you can work with your skill, and what you need to apply for a graphics designer job in USA with visa sponsorship.

Graphic Designer Job in USA

How Much Do Graphics Designers Make in USA?

Are you wondering if graphics designers in USA are making it big, then the answer is yes. There is lots of money in graphics design if you know how to put your skills to work. The table below shows the average salary income of graphics designers in USA;

Percentile10%25%50% (Median)75%90%
Hourly Wage$15.10$18.20$24.37$35.92$47.30
Yearly income$32.31$39,285$50,720$74,715$98,269

With the above table, you’ll have an insight into the amount that you will earn as a graphics designer in USA.

Who Is a Graphics Designer?

A graphics designer is one whose role is to have pictures, images, typography, and motion assembled properly to make beautiful artwork, designs, and art covers. A graphic designer starts from scratch to create designs. Perhaps you are a professional graphics designer already or a learning one. and there is a job for you in USA. The beautiful aspect is that you could still get a graphics designer job in USA that you could learn while on the job.

Furthermore, a graphics designer’s job is essentially to invent products and brand designs. As a record of this, the demand for designers in USA is on the rise for company advertisements and promotions. So, if you’re skillfully endowed with graphics design, either as a job or a passion, it is high time you step up your game to get global jobs and recognition.

Duties and Roles of Graphics Designer in USA

The main purpose and responsibility of a graphics designer are to create designs for brands and companies that could be used as a means of advertising and selling the company. However, the roles also include the listed below;

  • Raise great ideas and work with a client and director of art in which he or she works.
  • Create sellable designs with the available software or applications.
  • Must be able to create nice logos, make original images, and illustrations in addition.
  • Work with facilitators to come up with creative layout designs.
  • Make out creative design concepts that are uniquely made for the brand or company which he works for.

Requirements to Apply for the job

The first requirement is the willingness to work either with a group of people or just as an individual. In addition, applicants must also possess working and creative spirits to keep them moving in the job.

Below are the requirements and skills needed for application;

  • A typical applicant should have at least a bachelor’s degree in graphics design.
  • Have already done jobs that could be used to show your ability or show as a sample of what you can do for your employer.
  • Possess s minimum of 2 years and above experience in graphics design.
  • Possesses a certificate to show your credibility.
  • Artistic and creative abilities.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Have good knowledge of graphic design software and applications.

Before you can secure a graphics designer job in USA with visa sponsorship. You should have or have at least 80% of the above-mentioned requirements.

How to Apply for Graphics Designer Job In USA with Visa Sponsorship

Getting the right places to make these applications may be a little difficult. However, if you have the above requirements in your possession. The next thing to do is to visit job sites like,,, or to get your job applied for.

When you visit any of these sites mentioned above, simply make use of the search bar to search for the specific job you seek and then click on “Apply Now” to apply for your desired job. Fill out the questionnaires and then await a callback from the recruiter.

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