Google Earth Download and Explore

Google Earth is a free program that easily allows you to virtually ‘Fly’ over a virtual globe. Along with that, it helps you see the Erath from a much higher resolution graphic and satellite images. If you are the type of person who would be highly interested in getting a chance to view how globalized the Earth is without traveling to space, this is the chance you seek. This program is specifically run by Google and this is a great platform to learn everything about this invented beauty.

Furthermore, Google has managed to build this to become a large mapping tool that is easily accessible. Also, it is a reliable platform for various activities like geo-analysis, planet zooming, location finding, and so on. What’s more, Google Earth is an advanced and massive stand that allows people to easily view the world from a drone’s point of view. It is also considered to be the world’s largest and most detailed globe. This explains why it is the most downloaded program in the whole history all around the internet.


This modern invention is a remarkable tool that sets you up to see the world or ‘Earth’ in a global view with ease. Along with this particular service it provides, there are other features that comprise the Google Erath and make it unique. These features include:

  • Easy and super safe to download and install on devices
  • You can zoom in on your house
  • It is both free and easy to use
  • It can perform flyovers anywhere on Earth
  • It operates with high-resolution satellite images
  • It also includes recent images for most locations

These are some of the best features that are specially offered to users, making it what it is today.

Where To Install The Google Earth

It is quite surprising to learn that Google Earth can easily be installed on most mobile devices in use today. Moreover, you can install it on your PC, mobile phone, tablet, and so on. Hence, you can easily take it wherever you are going. You can take it out with you to the neighborhoods, beaches, parks, fishing locations, and so on.

How To Use The Google Earth

You will need to have installed this program on whatever mobile device you are using. As long as you have installed the program on your device, using the software should be super easy to navigate.

Once you launch the Google Earth program on your PC or mobile device, you will be shown an Earth image from space. From there, you can easily use the controls to ‘Fly’ down virtually and find your own location.  

In addition, you can easily type in an address, the name of a landmark, or the geographic coordinates. You can do this if you wish to speed things up a little faster. Once you’ve done that, it will swiftly ‘Fly’ you straight to the destination.

How To Use Without Downloading It

You can make use of Google Earth without downloading it by using your computer browser.  You can easily access Google Earth from your computer browser with ease. Furthermore, you can simply visit to get started.

How To Get The Google Earth App On My PC

If you would like to use Google Earth on your PC, you do not need to make use of an app. You can simply get it as a browser plugin and use it for free. Google has been making waves in improving the program and you can download it to get your kick of fun for free. You can simply visit Google Earth Here to get the software.

How To See My House On Google Earth

One step to take is by using Street View in Google Erath. With Street View, you can easily explore more places at a much closer range. Also, you can use it to zoom in on bridges, landmarks, buildings, and so on.

To Use Street View On Computer:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click a place or simply search for a location
  • At the bottom of the page, click Pegman
  • Then, you select a highlighted area and proceed.

How To Use Street View On Your Mobile Device:

  • Open the Google Earth app
  • Search for a location
  • Once loaded, at the bottom, select Pegman
  • Then you click on a highlighted area ad proceed.

These are steps to follow on how to view your house or any other specific location on this technological program that offers you Earth at your fingertips.

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