CSC scholarship – Apply for China Scholarship 2024-2025

Do you want to study in China on Chinese government scholarships? CSC scholarship is the best you can opt for as it is given out by the Chinese Scholarship Council. This scholarship is given to international students in Chinese universities connected with the online application CSC scholarship system. From December to April generally every year, the admission process does start however, the application late date is in a different university that is entirely different from the China scholarships. For the applicant who wants to apply for the scholarship, the CSC scholarship online application is essential as it is compulsory.

CSC scholarship

In total, there are 274 universities in China that offer scholarships for international students per year.  In the download section, you can see the list of the different universities that offer scholarships under the Chinese government scholarship.  This scholarship is given with the objective of promoting trade, education, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between the other countries and China and culture. As far you are not a Chinese student which means any international student from the globe countries is allowed to apply. The Chinese government scholarship requires the international student to apply with the online application submission.

Benefits of CSC scholarships

The CSC scholarship has some benefits that it offers the international student who is applying for the scholarship. The following are the benefits the international student enjoys for applying for the CSC scholarship.

  • Type A: When you apply for the scholarship your registration fees, accommodation, basic insurance and a monthly allowance for your personal expenses. the expenses are between $2,500 USD to $3,500 USD each month and will all be covered by them
  •   Type B: Type B helps you cover other things which excludes your monthly allowance for your personal expenses as it is the same Type A scholarship.
  • Type C: this scholarship is partial with few benefits offered to the international student

Note: The Type A scholarship is more attractive which makes it very competitive because of the high demand.  You can apply for the Type B or Type C CSC scholarship because it is easier to obtain if you can afford the cost.

Eligibility requirement of CSC scholarship

To be approved for the CSC scholarship you have to meet up to some requirements by them before you can be selected. These requirements are stated as follows:

  • you have to be an international student {you must not be a Chinese citizen}
  • you must have another scholarship in your possession that is given by the Chinese government or any of its delegations
  •  if you are an undergraduate student you must not be above 25 years of age
  • 35 years of age for your master’s degree
  • 40 years of age limit for PhD degree
  • the minimum qualification is you have to be either an undergraduate or a higher secondary school certificate
  • the master’s degree is a bachelor’s degree
  • doctoral degree for the master’s degree

All these are the requirements you must fulfil before you can be eligible for the CSC scholarship you want to apply for.

How to apply for a CSC scholarship

You can apply for the CSC scholarship through your mobile device all you have to do is follow certain steps that will be listed below for you.

  • Application period:  the period whereby you can apply for the scholarship is generally between January to April every year. The deadlines can also depend on the authorized agencies or universities all you have to do is for the university of your choice to always check the deadline.
  • The online application process should be completed either in English or Chinese for the scholarship.  With the CSC portal account, you have the opportunity to apply for three universities.
  • You will be asked to choose the type of scholarship you want according to the funding which is at the beginning of the online application form.¬† you will find a code on the internet or it will be given to you by the university you have selected
  • You have to attach all the required documents in PDF format after you must have completed the information in the online application for the Chinese government scholarship
  • download the app after submitting your online Chinese government scholarship application
  • choose the course and Chinese university you want
  • check to know if the university you have selected requires an online application for admission alongside the Chinese government scholarship application or not
  • if an online application is required then you have to submit the application on the university website and also attach¬† your Chinese government¬† scholarship application dispatch to the university address after making 2 sets of documents
  • On the same page the results will be made public by mid-July. So from that moment on the organizations start distribute by posting the necessary documents in order to start the study visa in the country of origin of the candidates.
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