Car Wash Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Car Wash Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

As a car Washer, you can earn a huge amount in dollars $2,833 to $34,000 monthly.  which is equivalent to $36000 to $26000 yearly. Am very sure you wouldn’t want to miss such opportunity in the USA. Where they will sponsor all expenses throughout your travel and stay in the USA. I will be providing very useful information below, on How to apply for a cash washer job with visa sponsorship.

However, according to research proven by different companies, that there is an increase in demand of a car washer in the USA. There are many Job openings. Just about 25,306 job vacancies for a car washer. Evidence has shown that cash washers Earn around 40$ to $55 USD hourly. So this a great insight for non-skilled worker to travel abroad as fast.

Car Wash Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

All about Car Washing Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

As an international person coming from another country using the visa sponsorship route, you are as well entitled to some great benefits such as eye, health, insurance, dental, retirement saving plan, wellness plan. It doesn’t matter your citizenship, race, so far you are eligible and meet the requirements of the employer, and you are good to go. Furthermore, you do not need to have high school certificate to eligible for the job. Based on previous experience give you an edge to be approved or signed for the job. But even if you don’t have experience in car washing. You can learn the skill in your home country, within a month to be eligible. Continue to read the article, to have a detailed idea on how to start your Application.

The best part about car washing in USA with visa sponsorship

As an international person, from countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and foreign countries of the world, you can as well apply for the job. Recently, the United States of America Government   is accepting foreigners all over the world. Furthermore, meeting all requirement of your employer as a car washer. Gives you an upper edge and an added advantage towards others in getting the job. And the good thing is, they are eager to sponsor or pay your flight and minor travel cost.

Who is a car washer?

Is a person who cleans the different parts of the car, trucks and other kind of vehicle like the body of the car, tyres, wind screen, engine part, and polish your vehicle.  And as well clean the interior such as seats, floor, remove trash cans, steering. They also use vacuum cleaner to remove internal dirt that you cannot see with your eye. Using soft and the best cleaning agent so as not to spoil the designs of the car. They also provide valuable information to customer questions, provide customer rough calculations of services rendered and lastly help customers when needed.

Duties and Responsibilities of Car Washer in the USA

I will stating below the primary duties of car washer in the United States. Though we have different responsibilities for each employer but on this article I will be giving out the major ones.

Cleaning the internal and external of the vehicles such as cars, truck, motorcycle etc.

Examine vehicles and make sure the all safety equipment are working properly and are kept intact without fault such as light, seat belt, fire extinguisher, mirrors, and horns

Clean all windows of the vehicle

Making sure the engine section of vehicle are neat

Clean vehicle as instructed by the customer

Assist customers to position their vehicle properly

Doing general cleaning like sweeping the floor, mopping the floor of the vehicle.

Making customers understand, the cleaning activities of the vehicle.

Maintaining the car wash equipment and machinery.

Adopting the instructions of the company.

The above are some basic General responsibilities of a car washer in the United States of America. Although responsibility might change dependent on the employers need.

Skills Needed To Be a Car Washer

For you to be employed as a car washer in the United States of America, there are some basic skills you need, in other for you to apply as a foreigner. Below are the skills needed?

Good cleaning skill

Ability to Drive

Time Management

Good communication skill

Been an Active Listener

Good Team worker

Good customer service skill

Paying attention to details, excellent organising skill and been focused.

Ability to work under pressure

Having the above skills, would enable you apply for a car wash job in the United States.

Benefits of Applying For A Car Washing Job in USA

You attract a lot of benefit, when employed as a car washer in the united states, even if you are coming with the visa sponsored route. Below are some benefit you receive;

Free visa sponsorship

Life and health Insurance

Wellness program

Retirement saving plan

Dental care

Disability insurance

Flexible saving Account

Onsite recreation activities

Free parking space

Training and Development

Paid time off

Extended Health care such as Medical, Dental, eye, Insurance and as well Drug prescription

What Is the Average Salary of A Car Washer In USA?

According to research, the average salary of a car washer depends on location, education and experience. Comparing the two states in America like Washington and Alaska. In Alaska a car washer earns $34,221 and while in Washington, they earn $37,248. So before applying for a car washer job, you should consider the following above before you apply.

Highest Paying States for Car Washers in the USA

Below I will be l will be listing different states that pays High for car washers. At the same time this will enable you to make a decision on the location to work.

States                       Average salary yearly
Washington                       $37,248
Massachusetts                  $34,034
Rhode island                     $32,250
Oregon                                 $33,865
Maine                                   $33,905
New York                            $31702
Vermont                              $32,125
Colorado                             $31,500
North Dakota                     $32,006
Tennessee                          $27647
West Virginia                    $23,331
New Mexico                      $23,963
North Carolina                  $22,381

Requirements and Qualifications Needed To Apply

There are some requirement you need to have, before you apply as a car washer in the United States. Without this requirement, certainly you won’t be approved for the job. Below are the requirement you need.

  • Car washing experience (optional).
  • High school diploma (Gce, ssce, waec and Neco) or General Educational Development.
  • Valid driver’s License and a clean driving record.
  • Criminal record inspection.
  • Undergo a drug test as an applicant.
  • Letter of authorization to work I the United States of America
  • Applicants must be i8 years and above.
  • Proficiency of English language from a (non English speaking country. Sometimes they also require English proficiency from English speaking country). So ask your Employer.

With the above requirement you can apply and start a car washer job in the United States of America. Note that some company requirement varies. Some companies might need 1 year and above car washing experience while other companies might require zero experience. Because you will be supported with trainings.

How to Apply for a Car Washing Job in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you have interest in applying for a car wash job in USA with visa sponsorship. Read the following steps below to apply for the job successfully.

  1. Visit a genuine Job website such as (indeed, Glassdoor.)
  2. On the search bar, search for car wash jobs with visa sponsorship and select location USA.
  3. Use Keywords like car wash job or car attendant.
  4. Once you have found the job, Get to know the job Requirements and benefits
  5. Research the company to know if the vacancy is true.
  6. Click on apply, and you will be redirected to the official company website
  7. Input the correct details and information.
  8. Upload the needed document.
  9. Lastly. Follow the screen instruction to complete your application.

If Accurately follow the steps above, you will land your car wash jobs . below I will stating various  job website you can apply for a car wash job in the usa with visa sponsorship.

Websites to Find Car Washing Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

To search for car wash jobs , below are good website in which you can search for visa sponsored car wash jobs in the United States of America . They are;


Google Jobs














Conclusion: you can use any above website to apply for a car wash job in USA with visa sponsorship. Wish you Goodluck!!! In your application.

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