Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants with Sponsored Visa

Are you an immigrant looking for Canada government jobs? Do you find it difficult to get a job in Canada? This article right here is going to help ease up your frustration. As one of the biggest countries there is in North America, Canada is undeniably the best country that is open to foreigners from all over the world. It is well known to give high and good qualities to international students, and fantastic living solutions to both domestic Canadians and international immigrants.

However, one of the biggest issues and main deal right now is this; can you get a job as an immigrant in Canada to continue supporting yourself? To support your lifestyle or your family? It is without a doubt very essential to get a job if you want to find ways to support your living, especially as an immigrant in Canada.

That is why I will be giving you tips in this article to know certain things on what you can do to improve and help yourself, as long as you want to survive.

What Are The Requirements

One of the most important things to look at is your eligibility factor. Before you apply for a position in a government job, you need to meet the eligibility requirements. Now, in the case of British Columbia, a province in Canada, all the positions in the BC Public Service highly require applicants to be at least 6 years old and older to work in Canada. It is also essential to know that as an immigrant looking for a government job in Canada, you will need to have your original visa, national passport, and work permit.

Advantages Of An Immigrant Wanting To Work A Government Job In Canada

This article is to give you an insight into things that you might have or you should have if you want to improve your chance of getting a government job in Canada as an immigrant. A lot of Canadians will not employ you and will give you this excuse of why they can’t. The excuse is this, “You don’t have enough Canadian experience”. This is just a nice way of telling you a lot of reasons why they can’t employ you. The reasons are stated below:

  • You can’t speak English well
  • You didn’t accomplish very much maybe in previous jobs
  • You don’t have the appropriate skills or the right attitude for the job
  • You didn’t communicate too well in the interview
  • Not making your resume up to Canadian standards
  • And so many more

If you are bilingual, you stand a great chance of getting a Canadian government job than someone who speaks just one language. So you might want to see what you want to do about the language. Keep in that Canada will always require you to pass a foreign language written and oral test. The time to brush up on your language skill should be before you submit an application and when the submitted application is being reviewed.

Another advantage that you will need is to ensure that your resume is up to date, so you can prove your worth in the business world. Another advantage you should have is to learn Canadian laws.  It will enable you to learn and process how things work in Canada that are different from your country or any other country. You get well equipped with the knowledge you get.

Is It Difficult For Immigrants To Find Jobs In Canada?

On a more general and large-scale note, it is generally difficult to find a job in Canada as an immigrant. The probability of an immigrant finding a job in Canada is quite higher than in any other country. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with a lack of jobs or a bad economy.

The experiences of a lot of Canadian immigrants are that they complain that their employers tell them they don’t have any Canadian work experience. They expect you to have one before you can actually get hired for the job. As mentioned, you will need certain advantages to have a winning chance of getting a job.

Most of the time, it has more to do with the fact that there is a lot of discrimination, adapting to the extreme cold weather, finding affordable accommodation, and more. But despite, all of these, don’t ever let them discourage you. You should go out and get the job. Work for things to your advantage.

Where Can I Find Canada Government Jobs?

There are different ways you can find government jobs, especially on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with working with an agency but if you want to branch out your chances. Some of the best ways to find government jobs in Canada are:

  • Having a profile on LinkedIn
  • Emplois Jobs
  • And so on

One of the best ways to get out there is to do a lot of research. There are lots of job vacancies out there for you. You just need to find one in your field and get a position.

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