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In this digital age digital technology and digital content currently flooding the internet at large. There are lots of streaming sites and media devices that are available these days and one of the most popular ones is the Apple TV+. While the hardware itself may cost much more than most of the offerings from Roku or Amazon. That should not deter you at all from considering it for your home. Over the years, Apple has released a few different models of Apple TV. It has been widely accepted by the media for its originality and spontaneous content.

Launched on November 1, 2019, the Apple TV+ is an American subscription streaming service that is fully owned and operated by Apple Inc. It offers to the masses a wide selection of original production film and television series called the Apple Originals. Apple’s set box had originally started out as just an experimental hobby but it eventually grew into being its own platform. The Apple TV+ acts generally as the core center of the living room and it is well equipped with features good enough for HomeKit, streaming services and Apple Arcade.

What Does Apple TV+ Do

It is a streaming service that features a lot of Apple Originals as well as award-winning series, compelling dramas that glue you to your seats, groundbreaking, and informative documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies and so much more to choose from. Apple TV+ also includes into their program new Apple Originals that are added every month.

Note that this is not an app or a webpage like Netflix and Amazon where you can easily just log in. Apple first introduces a hardware component that is still currently in use. Users can now access their web page which is as it URL. You can log in and gain full access on the GO.

Is The TV+ The Same As the TV

The name Apple TV is used broadly by different products and it ends up being confusing eventually. The difference between the TV and the Plus is that the TV is a media player while the Apple TV+ is a streaming service. This is a service you can access online and not like the media player.

This is where you can stream your Apple original series and get a premium viewing experience. It is an incredible platform that always wants to keep users on their screens viewing their favorite Apple original movies. This is the home of Apple Originale with top image quality and a better viewing experience.

How Much Does it Cost?

Allow me to bring to you the best top Apple TVplus deals where you can select the best deal depending on your choice. This doesn’t just end with the kind of TV program you get to view but the quality of images you are going to be viewing.

There is no memory size that is allocated to the subscriptions and the cost is just a one-time payment for a month. Once you have made up your mind on which to go for check below on how to subscribe.

How To Subscribe For Apple TV+

For a new user who we be making use of this platform for the first time note in mind that there is no physical device called Apple TV+ that you need to purchase. All you need is to pay a monthly subscription fee of $6.99 monthly just as it is on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Let me walk you through the steps in other to get started.

  1. Visit the official web page which is as it URL.
  2. Click on the Sign in icon as you are exported to sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Enter your Apple ID but if you don’t have one you can click on the Create a new Apple ID icon.
  4. Enter Your Apple ID Password and Login to input your payment info.

Once that is done you we be charged a fee of $6.99 at the end of every month. This is the subscription fee just as it is on Netflix.

What Show is On Apple TV+

You can begin to stream all your favorite shows on Apple TV plus and get updates on the latest original movie and series as well as cartoons, documentaries, Non-fictions and so much more. Here are some of the best shows streaming on Apple TV plus

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth.
  • Swan SONG.
  • Physical.
  • Servant.
  • Defending Jacob.
  • The Mosquito Coast.
  • Dickinson.
  • Coda.
  • Greyhound.
  • Truth be told.
  • The shrink next door.
  • Losing Alice.
  • Becoming Jacob.
  • Ghostwriter.
  • The Me you can’t see.
  • The problem with Jon Steward.
  • The Line.
  • Earth At Night.
  • Snoopy In Space.

This is available for all their Plus members who have completed the subscription process. If you haven’t gotten this done then what are you waiting for? You can go through the step on how to get it done in our next article.

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