Best Health Insurance in Nigeria

Best Health Insurance in Nigeria

Having the best Health Insurance in nigeria is very important in making sure you and your loved ones or family receive best Medical attention. when the need arises. In  Nigeria it can be tasking in choosing the right health insurance plan due to so many options to choose from.

This article is will guide on what you on all what you need to understand the main factor to consider when choosing a health insurance plan and and the steps to take to register for a health insurance plan.

best health insurance

Why Health Insurance is Important?

Health insurance plan renders financial security when it comes to increase in medical expenses. Furthermore, the health insurance plan is on the coverage on staying the hospital, surgery, treatment, blood test doctors consultation and as well medications. Making use of health insurance, you can prevent the burden the future medical cost and as well receiving quality healthcare.

 Main Points To Consider

1. Types of Health Insurance Plans

  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO): Health maintenance organization (HMO) is a medical insurance organization that renders health care at an agreed annual or monthly price to be paid. It is an organization that renders or put in order care for health insurance, self-funded health care benefit plans, individuals, and other organization, acting in connection with  the  health care organization providers such as (hospitals, doctors.) on a prepaid basis or pay before  the service is rendered.
  • Private Health Insurance: This is an health insurance plans rendered by private companies, these plans can be adjustable but frequently  comes  at an increased cost.
  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS): A government scheme which goal is to establish accessible health care t individuals in Nigerians. It is most atimes more budget friendly but has lesser  coverage in comparison to private plans.

2.  Coverage and Benefits

  • Hospital network: make sure the coverage plan houses a large network of well esteemed hospitals and clinics
  • Ranges of services: examine the insurance plan consist of general medical consultation, specialist consultation, emergency service, dental service, surgeries, maternity care.
  • International coverage: if you an individual that travels frequently, put into consideration of a plan that renders international coverage.

 3. Cost and Affordability

  • Premiums: There is monthly and annual payment for the health insurance plan
  • Deductibles: a prepaid payment before the insurance begins to cover the cost of your medical care services.
  • Coverage limit: A medical coverage that  is limited to the amount you paid for a certain medical services.
  • Co-payments: is a fixed amount for a covered service, paid by a patient to the provider of health care insurance service plan before receiving the service.


4. Reputation and Reliability

Customer review: check for people feedbacks from most current users  of insurance plan.

Financial stability: select a health insurance provider with a solid financial foundation to make sure they can achieve their claims.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance

  1. Check Your Needs
  • Select the kind of coverage you actually need depending on your health status, number of family members, certain medical conditions.
  • Take into consideration if you need extra services such as maternity or dental care.
  1. Research and Compare Plans
  • Make use of online URL search bar tools to search for various kinds of Health insurance plans
  • Click on the websites of different types of HMOs and private insurers to have acomprehensive understanding of their health insurance plan and  services coverage.
  1. Consult an insurance broker
  • Insurance brokers renders professional advise and aid to find the best plan for suits your wants and financial plan.
  1. Read The Fine Print
  • Read the conditions of the policy carefully
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the coverage and what the exclusion is
  1. Ask questions
  • Always contact the insurance company whenever yo aren’t clarified or you have questions to ask

 What You Need To Get Started

  1. Personal information
  • Full name, digital passport, address, contact information and date of birth
  • Means of identification which includes National ID or passport
  1. Medical history
  • You should include your pre-existing medical conditions
  • Details of any current treatment either medications or injection

3. Financial information

  • Be prepared for the annual or monthly premium financial plan
  • Payment procedure (credit/debit card or bank account information)




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